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The financial situation of Xinjiang Turpan story of 4 different ethnic groups of the family (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, Urumqi, October 30, (Japar) Ernie brothers, today brought two relatives to Renqin, everyone to meet." Turpan municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Parr hatti? Kadeer who were yet to come, the voice has already spread to Chuang-tzu village Aydingkol Lake Township Turpan District five groups of villagers Gaochang Aini Hu Ji yard?. On March 2016, Ernie? Hu Ji was identified as Parr Hart Kader precision helping families out of poverty?. In the past 7 months, Parr hatti? Kadeer repeatedly come to help them to a difficult. "To introduce you, this is my brother Zhou Shouju Han, this is another one of my helping twinning" relatives "of Abdullah Elsie?. Starting today, the 4 of us will form a large family, and then we will be a family." Just the door, Parr Kader began to hatti? Aini? Two "Hu Ji an introduced relatives". Aini? Hu Ji’s wife rushed from the room out of the shop in the courtyard of the new mattress bed, warmly invite you to sit, then end to tea. The original quiet farmhouse courtyard, the moment lively up. Why do the 4 families of different nationalities form a large family? This story, also from Parr and Zhou Shouju to become neighbors hatti? Who began to speak. The 54 year old Zhou Shouju is Jiangsu Xuzhou, 1995 to Turpan farming, finally took root in Turpan. In 2002, the city moved to the new home of Zhou Shouju and Parr who became neighbors hatti?. Zhou Shouju did not expect that this government will be the Uighur neighbors and their own good brothers". "At that time, Parr took the initiative to contact me and brother hatti, understand our life condition, particularly touched me. From Jiangsu to Turpan at the beginning, I always have a feeling of big brother Perhat leave the hometown, but let me find the feeling at home." Zhou Shouju told reporters. "We are our brothers," said Perhat. We chat together, sometimes chatting, he found me less words, learn Xuzhou dialect, to explain my homesickness. Today, we live in the same family." Zhou Shouju said. After coming to Turpan, Zhou Shouju contracted a piece of land in the township gardening village three Fort Gaochang area, one family to field muskmelon for a living, life is not easy. Later, to see a variety of greenhouses to make money, Zhou Shouju also has the idea of a greenhouse vegetables. But the thought of a windy spring in Turpan, they are worried about the kind of greenhouse will fail. Parr hatti? Kadeer after that, cheer for Zhou Shouju said: "rest assured to do it! What problems, you come to me. If there is a technical difficulty, I contact the agricultural experts to help you "interrogation pulse ‘, to provide technical support for you." So, in the course of contacts two forged a profound friendship. During the Spring Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, Eid al AdhA, Eid holiday, they like relatives to visit each other at home. Through the hard work of a family, Zhou Shouju now相关的主题文章: