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From the end of the silver murder suspect: wife not to wear red lost million yuan is not in color high Chengyong dilapidated house. Beijing time Yin Zhiyan Gao Chengyong in 14 years on the back of 11 murders, more than and 20 years after finally solved, then gradually uncover suspense. He will be the victim’s limbs, ears, breasts, genitals and other parts of the body cut, crazy degree has long been a breakthrough in people’s bottom line. Police believe that it is a dual personality, one side is a long-term hidden sexual perversion, while the "extremely calm, patient tolerance," "high cold" attitude shows. Golden fried lost ten thousand, with "ha ha" smiling half a month ago, high Chengyong opened the van with his wife came to the green town of Lanzhou County of Yuzhong City, purchased a few boxes of noodles and a few bottles of vinegar. Gao Chengyong came to the family brother Gao Yong shop, but just in front of the counter stopped, and did not go in. They have not met for more than a year, the high Chengyong suddenly visit, only exchanged two or three minutes left. "He came in and I handed a cigarette to smoke, ask my business is good, he said that business is not doing well," Gao Yong higher than Chengyong young 5 years old, he told the "Beijing time" (ID:Btimedc), "no more than a year did not meet what excited excited, very gentle tone then, with a few pleasantries, he took out his mobile phone received a phone call, while on the phone on the side to go". Gao Chengyong treats the "heat" has always been the case, and he played cards with friends for many years, Li Junhong, almost never seen him for a thing seems excited or depressed. During the Li Junhong years of the impression, high Chengyong always only one expression – half grin "oh". Every Spring Festival as long as we are at home, they will gather together to play cards." About more than and 10 years ago, Gao Chengyong will return home to Yuzhong County town of Green River Village in the Spring Festival every year, most activities are playing mahjong or fried golden flower. "He (Gao Chengyong) golden fried lose most of the time there are more than ten thousand yuan, he is also the" ha ha "smiles two finish, turned away, never with us like normal people won. Lost." Gao Yong said, they together for many years and the golden fried playing mahjong, Gao Chengyong never win money, anyway, every year he lost at least a few thousand dollars to us, my impression he never once won. Over the years he left the river village to work, back to the New Year cards, lost and go to work." Gao Chengyong once played mahjong and neighbor Gao Junwei, lost five hundred yuan, after the "Oh" two smiled and turned away. "The whole night he (Gao Chengyong) of the brand is not good, one or two hours a card has been lost, and are not, but his face never would look very dignified, heart is very gentle, not like us heavy mahjong fell on the table," Gao Junwei told the "Beijing time" (ID:Btimedc "I saw him) memories, reach a mahjong, did not see what brand, but with the middle finger gently touched, and then slowly mahjong upside down for everyone to see on the table, and then gently put his cards down, was silent. The original is playing for a long time Hu, this dish has a high Chengyong finally touch." Only domesticated dogs in Gaozhou high Chengyong相关的主题文章: