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"Female biography" hit the female consort medical workplace must play Tencent onslaught of entertainment news by Chinese film and television production, new media Lai, Chinese Film Co produced, Li Guoli served as general director, directed by Zheng Weiwen, Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo, Huang Xuan starred in the legendary costume inspirational drama "Princess female medical biography" is Guangdong TV hit. Apart from the everlasting love theme, the legendary costume inspirational drama will rise to elements of women in the workplace and the position of the male and female romantic love stories are equally important. Is not a simple drama perfectly conveys independent female workplace in Ming Dynasty advanced the science of Cheng Zhu, in a harsh environment, in the contemporary employment environment is quite difficult, knowing that Tan Yunxian criticized, but still persist in the history of medicine, this source in the family, Tan Yunxian’s road to medical treatment, and most are just beginning to learn medicine people imagine, not clear whether the patient that served what drugs, drug whether conflicts, leading to indirect error harm others chained and thrown into prison once wanted to give up medicine, and, in the process of saving gradually establish confidence, this kind of mentality, not only are people like mathematics and medicine, more aroused all experienced workplace temper of human sympathy. Although the "female biography" medicine Princess starring in a high color value, a combination of high performance, but the play is not a simple traditional costume drama. "Female biography" mainly tells the princess medicine not a harem struggle, not for power, but an independent female occupation through the advanced way of the pursuit of the meaning of life. Compared to the professional line, love line is the auxiliary. Because love is not the most important mission of Tan Yunxian, the ideal of life is the biggest mission in life. So the "female biography" Princess medicine is not a simple costume drama, in the high value of Yan coat, it conveys the spirit of independence and equality for women. Liu Shishi plays the role of Tan Yunxian is also the case, at any time she belongs to her, will not be attached to any man, will not have no self. She knows what she wants and understands what it means to be human. Attached to the inner feelings of "female biography" interpretation of the best medicine princess love emotion is also in line with the tan Yunxian her character, a career. People in emotion must also be stubborn. The three men she encountered in life, the traditional Huang Xuan plays Zhu Qiyu, the bones that women still have Wallace Huo’s Qizhen the three obediences and the four virtues; Zhu most enlightened, is really from the heart to support yoonhyun career of yoonhyun is selfless love; Yuan Wenkang’s first with the most wild, equality and freedom pay more attention to the emotion, but he does not understand yoonhyun. Although Zhu Qiyu and yoonhyun is the only real feelings, seemingly the most interactive, but Zhu Qizhen and yoonhyun love is the soul, even now, there are many women willing to sacrifice her husband and family, Zhu Qizhen never asked yoonhyun what to do for themselves, but always in practice "what I can do for her" credo of love, that, even in today’s society is very rare. In fact, for the pursuit of a career woman, the best love is full of understanding and support, the Zhu Qizhen no one can do it. "Female doctor Princess pass.相关的主题文章: