Retired teacher 4000 yuan recovered, also gains a iron man-若槻ゆうか

Retired teacher 4000 yuan recovered, also gains a "Iron Man" Wang of Shijinbumei master Chen said. Master Chen shijinbumei. Original title: lost four thousand yuan three master retired teacher waiting for the owner to owner: this creditthat, to give thanks to had picked up a wallet with 4000 dollars, what would you do? Chengdu tic tricycle master Chen chose to return, the final harvest of a warm iron man". In October 13th, a district of Chengdu Huayang Washington Avenue, a 61 year old retired teacher Wang Zhili, during the national day for his wallet and promptly returned the tricycle master phone call to Chen Tonggang, could not stop the said "thank you". Who lives in Aba Prefecture, Wang Zhili, taking advantage of the National Day this year to see grandson lairong. 5 at noon, go to the supermarket shopping, he sat on a tricycle home, accidentally lost a wallet containing $4000 in cash. Then the bank called to say that he had found his lost wallet. He hurried to find, has been waiting for him, just before the pedicab driver Chen Tonggang. In the face of the owner of the various "thank you", master Chen all declined. Eventually, the two people to leave each phone number, and later became the iron man"…… Well intentioned people to return a lost wallet on the morning of 13, Xiaojin County, ABA, retired teacher Wang Zhili, scored the WCC 96111 hotline said, during the festival to Chengdu to see his grandson, "did not think of only a couple of days, I met that he touched the thing." The morning of October 5th, near Washington Huayang Avenue, Wang Zhili drafted a shopping list, go to the supermarket to buy bread and butter tea materials. 10 in the morning, after he bought the food, sitting on a tricycle to go home. Half an hour later, the phone suddenly rang up, the phone is connected, the other said the staff of the Agricultural Bank, asked whether or not to lose a wallet. "I touched him, only to find the wallet is gone." Bank staff said that someone found a wallet, the bank is waiting for him. There are more than 4000 yuan package, there are several bank cards." Subsequently, Wang ran towards the bank Zhili burning with impatience, away from the bank. There are more than 20 meters, saw a man dressed in clothes, standing in front of the bank to wait, "I am the master of the tricycle ride." The owner declined to thank the good people at noon on the 5 day of 11, the bank staff witness, Wang Zhili from the pedicab driver took the hand of Chen Tonggang, lost wallet, bag of cash and other items not less. Bank staff said, 5 noon, master Chen hurried to the hall, said he picked up a wallet on a tricycle, worried that the owner anxious, "he wants to notify the owner by the bank. After sitting in the bank, waiting for the owner." Wang Zhili said, "get a moment lost wallet, filled with joy, but more is to be moved by the spirit of master chen." After the return of the wallet, master Chen rushed to embrace business. But Wang Zhili took hold of him, ask him to go home, to send the ABA specialty to show their gratitude, but master Chen was declined. Two people only left the phone. After returning home, Wang will be the day of the experience of finishing the book, issued in the circle of friends of WeChat, a lot of colleagues and students are Chan Master point praise. Where we are, master chen"相关的主题文章: