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Shijiazhuang environmental monitoring is to "protect" the media is deceiving: – Beijing "s water" type vivid discussions "dual protection" in the short term can filter out the air pollution is real, but the local government’s credibility cast a heavy haze. In recent days, Hebei and Shijiazhuang in the heavy haze siege, more than low visibility, millions of people’s respiratory tract was severely tested. At the same time, the local "chic" governance haze move was causing onlookers. According to reports, recently, Shijiazhuang City 57 road street in the vicinity of Xuefu Lu to hire security passing trucks for arresting. It is reported that the reason is that the school has an atmospheric environment monitoring station on the road, in order to make the monitoring data "good", so the prohibition of large trucks through the. According to the students of disclosure, there are many trees near the monitoring station, the campus often sprinkler sprinkler, the road is often wet. This initiative was dubbed as a double protection". And all of these efforts, in the end, are pointing to an official view of the good-looking data. According to the relevant provisions of the state, station location has a clear specification, the automatic monitoring of air quality monitoring station for example, should have the overall level of representation, which can reflect the air quality of the environment in the region within the city area; also, stations must be selected in the open position, the car and the crowd around, not hinder environment air circulation and so on trees. Only in this way, the data can reflect the objective and real pollution situation, and as a basis for governance. The maintenance of air quality monitoring stations around, and is hailed and watering, will also choose the site in the woods, is actually trying to monitoring data on human intervention, is essentially a kind of "self deceiving" type of data fraud. The resulting data may not be distorted, how it may be consistent with the true feelings of the people, and how can the local government to achieve the position of pollution control to achieve a major breakthrough? Earlier media reports have the Xi’an Environmental Protection Bureau official to air sampler wearing masks in the news, in fact, similar to the "false data" behavior It is often seen. According to statistics, only in the last year, the country found the 2658 source of pollution automatic monitoring facilities are not normal operation, resort to deceit and other issues, 17 provinces were registered 78. Although the local environmental protection departments may have control pressure, but so openly for monitoring points of the so-called "governance", obviously deviated from the original intention of the haze rule, does not comply with the public interest of the whole society. In doing so, of course, the possibility of filtering out the real air pollution in the short term, but the credibility of the local government departments have cast a heavy haze. In recent years, the deterioration of air quality in North China is very serious, including Hebei, including the face of enormous pressure. In this regard, all levels of government, environmental protection departments should take a scientific attitude, really starting from the source of governance, adjusting structure, promoting transformation, promote the production and lifestyle, and constantly improve the level of green low carbon, greatly reduce pollutant emissions. Zhuangshiduanwan, for a long time to work, this is the "correct path". If you always feel lucky, and even modify the data, will be)相关的主题文章: