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58 city to respond to the full 996: in order to cope with the peak of the business will not be forced to see how you look at the city of and other Internet Co engage in the work of the 996? Click to participate in the investigation of Sina Technology News September 2nd news, the news yesterday, the 58 city company is full of "996" working system, it is time to go to work every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., 6 days a week, without any subsidies. This triggered a lot of 58 city employees Tucao, 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo micro-blog was therefore besieged". In this regard, today 58 city official responded that, in order to deal with the 9, October, the peak of the business, better service to the group of customers and platform users, while the same period of the year there will be regular mobilization of the. And said that the group does not force everyone to be in accordance with the provisions of the "996" to arrange work. The day before yesterday, there are 58 inside the city of sina said that the company’s internal leadership has oral communication, from September onwards, all employees in accordance with the "996" working system to work overtime, and the company will not give any compensation, not including overtime meal, night taxi subsidies. Because there is no official e-mail, only verbal communication, and no subsidies and overtime. At the same time 58 group CEO Yao Jinbo micro-blog was besieged, many users have 58 employees suspected market in yaojinbo micro-blog comments discussing. User message: 996 how to do ah, do not have their own private space." "I got up at 6.30 in the morning, take the subway to work 8.30 to 1 hours, and then in the evening, the 22.30 is basically work to catch the last train home, 23.30 washing shower time meal except, even if do not do anything else, only a rest day, the rest of the 5 minutes! And the commission does not send hair does not send a little does not take into account the grass-roots staff." Up to now, the content has been under the Yao micro-blog content has nearly 8000 comments, almost all of the hot content associated with the 996. (Anne) is the following 58 city responded: for Internet Co, every year 9, October is the peak stage of platform traffic; and 58 as a life service platform, a number of areas involved in real estate, recruitment and other business volume is seasonal peak at this stage; in order to deal with the business summit stage, better service customers and users, to mobilize every year 9, in October there will be regular. The group does not force everyone to work in accordance with the "996". Group to promote the various departments to work as the core objectives, and constantly improve the management capacity and efficiency, reasonable arrangements for work. Rather than the mechanical extension of working hours, the "996" mandatory provisions to manage employees.相关的主题文章: