Live fire over the world to watch the number of live YouTube surge by 80% 魔界骑士イングリッド

Google broadcast Huobian global Youtube watch live number jumped 80% in the field of social status, determined to live in head-on Facebook and Snapchat. Over the past year, the number of live viewing Youtube surge 80%. According to the British financial times, Youtube Product Manager Neal Mohan said the live video upload also increased by 30%; in May of this year’s Champions League Cup final live 2 million 200 thousand people watched live, is one of Britain’s biggest: Youtube has been successfully broke into the broadcast field. When consumers think of video, whether live or on-demand, Youtube will emerge in their minds. And Youtube live is part of it." Neal Mohan told the financial times. The live broadcast of Youtube’s revenue is still advertising revenue, Youtube’s advertising revenue rose 30% in a year. At present the foreign broadcast platform has formed a situation of tripartite confrontation "situation. Twitter has brought brand marketing gains Periscope, Facebook Live, and Google’s Youtube live broadcast. With the homogenization of serious, mostly rely on anchor attract the flow of domestic broadcast platform, the three largest foreign broadcast platform and not from the brokerage company "production line" anchors and presents a reward function, but by virtue of their original large user groups, different profit model has been rapid development. Google back in 2011 on the Youtube launched a live feature Youtube Live, when the live broadcast based on computers. But with the growing popularity of mobile video portal, in June of this year, Youtube will be added to the mobile phone features on the application, the user can click on the application on a live broadcast. Google to develop Youtube live, on the one hand, is based on the existing Youtube quality video content platform, on the other hand is also because of the growing competition Facebook and Snapchat live broadcast. Google has lagged behind in social terms, but also to ensure that the user traffic on the live. As early as last summer, Facebook began to try live video. In January this year, Facebook officially opened the video broadcast capabilities, launched with Facebook Live live features of iOS applications. Facebook said the day before, users watch live video of the average is three times as long as other types of video. Midia Research senior analyst Tim Mulligan told the financial times, by actively attracting influential companies and celebrities, Facebook live audience has more than 1 billion 600 million people. The form of fresh live content helps to retain the user, and the longer the user stay, the more advertising revenue, in addition, Facebook before the insertion of the longest 15 seconds of advertising further.相关的主题文章: