Elite upgrade extraordinary, 2017 Ford Taurus wegener肉芽肿

Elite upgrade extraordinary, 2017 Ford Taurus domestic high-end business car, there seems to be an interesting phenomenon – the former Taurus era and the era of post taurus". Before we have long been accustomed to existing models of renewal, or even think that this market has not played out what tricks; but at the end of last year reached the market in Taurus, just debut with 2.7T guards repairer process and technology configuration, and twin turbo engine, the original market told senior car so can play. Especially this year 1.5T models after the listing, is the rare configuration and sincerity price, take business and private layer cake. Just a few days ago, the 2017 Taurus is also listed, not only the configuration and improve, and a comprehensive upgrade of EcoBoost 245 flagship and the market has been concerned about the V6 LTD limited edition, a total of 6 models, the price range of 234 thousand and 800 to 369 thousand and 800, Taurus still Chushoubufan — on power, the configuration or the sense of science and technology, and Humphreys than luxury cars to enjoy the car, the cross level competition increasingly ready to". As a high-end business car, the power is always important decision factors for a car, it wants the taurus. Since last year on the market, Taurus is a strong driving force of media coverage, 1.5T enough, 2.0T strong enough, 2.7T fierce enough strength, it does not lose a lot of luxury brands. Taking the 1.5T engine as an example, even to "beat" the Audi A6L 1.8T, BMW 5 series and the Mercedes E class 2.0T, dynamic performance of the Taurus was opened, the lightweight design of the vehicle has further enhanced the advantage; then to a higher level, 2.0L double vortex turbocharged engine even throughout the entire domestic market there are opponents; if you come up with a 2.7T twin turbo engine is a bit "bully", similar to the performance of power, luxury brands already run on the 600 thousand, the Taurus V6 models less than 350 thousand of the price even for me it is not worth the strength, obviously can more expensive…… At least in the current car market, less than 600 thousand to buy 242 power and 475 nm power performance models, Taurus is definitely one of the most powerful competitors can not be ignored; if then can add 92 oil and a variety of high-end configuration into account, Taurus even becomes the only option on the market. Here, we think of the fine tradition of "introverted", to buy this thing do not apply. Many consumers for the blind pursuit of the eye-catching logo, even more than the product itself. It is therefore also forced other brands can only come up with the strongest strength to impress us, but also let us have the honor to see the strength of a Taurus so detached car. Last year before the listing had Taurus day on performance, configuration, workmanship and overall value, in the luxury brand is at least 600 thousand level; and with the Taurus crush level price, said that for many luxury brands face is also not too much. Today, the low-key listing of 2017 Taurus or even a substantial increase. On the comfort of car.相关的主题文章: