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Xiao Shenyang recorded programs   fever; wonderful delicacy bright blind audience — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn tonight 21:10 large Anhui TV star sports life show delicacy "who is your dish called" II "– a member of the Xiao Shenyang high Yan value male idol group" in Northeast China F4! As a color value and temperament are very down to Earth Star, the audience would like to know whether his cooking is also down to earth. However, Xiao Shenyang’s visit to record the program is not easy, because a few days set, cause infection cold video day also had a high fever, weight dropped to 120 pounds! Of course, the program group is very close to Xiao Shenyang prepared ginger tea oh! Xiao Shenyang high fever show wonderful food bright blind audience Xiao Shenyang sent a high fever to record the program, professionalism worthy of our admiration, of course, we can also be bold speculation is for food! Host asked if the inscription is what should be the Northeast delicacy, Xiao Shenyang did not hesitate to answer is Braised Pork with Vermicelli or stewed chicken with mushroom, it seems is the one of the two northeast dishes. Of course, when it comes to the northeast of true love, and ultimately the same delicacy is green Chinese onion sauce, and the same as the north anchor Li Xiang hit it off, on the spot to hand stripping green Chinese onion sauce to eat, as is the southerner Liu Xuan couple is less interested in. Xiao Shenyang also live performances of two kinds of plug green, it is life with a rope in the funny, with talent to come to dinner. Shen Chunyang dew Xiao Shenyang join cooking material does not stop loving show this program is different from the past, the guests in the family unit, so the two sides only sent a person to another person in charge of cooking, eat on the line! Since Xiao Shenyang is "Yan" play, wife Shen Chunyang can provoke beam. In particular, Xiao Shenyang kept running in recent days, the whole person is obviously a thin circle, of course, may also be two laps, lost weight to 120 pounds, his wife Shen is sure to feel bad. See Shen Chunyang cook smooth posture we can know the usual Xiao Shenyang at home is still very delicious. After Xiao Shenyang also constantly praise wife cooking craft, naked show of affection, and Shen Chunyang is impromptu performances, is really remarkable degree of understanding, the couple collocation, do not work! Another group of guests Liu Xuan couple also blew two year because not resigned to playing second fiddle, delicacy soon, Wang is also a husband? Hundred-percent chowhound, cooking is sent back to challenge Shen Chunyang Wang?. However, the program group to increase the difficulty, let the king? The selection of ingredients to cook from Xiao Shenyang’s Secret in the refrigerator, has always been good at taking the king? Seemed to have answers, and not daunted, it is Liu Xuan wife face embarrassment, after all is a couple, Wang? Cook a few brushes or only know Liu Xuan! Finally, Shen Chunyang and Wang’s cooking? Who is better? Please watch this time Thursday night 21:10 Anhui TV "who is your dish" in season second! (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: