Wang Baoquan is not satisfied with the performance of two foreign aid is not as good as local player 木村kaela

Wang Baoquan of the two foreign aid is not satisfied with the performance as well as local players said the afternoon of November 19th Beijing time, the 2016 – 2017 season of the National Women’s Volleyball League to start the fifth round of the contest, defending champion Tianjin women’s volleyball team at people’s Stadium against the Fujian women’s volleyball team. After 3 innings, Tianjin women’s volleyball team at home to 3:0 beat the Fujian women’s volleyball team, won the home game of 3. Although the final score is 3:0, but the game is not proportional with the score, no outside Fujian team in this game to the Tianjin team a little trouble, the current in the original Tianjin women’s volleyball team under the leadership of the Fujian team in the first quarter to occupy the field active. Fortunately, the team then adjusted in time, the victory in the field to stay in Tianjin, Tianjin. After the game, in the game’s performance review team, Tianjin women’s volleyball coach Wang Baoquan said: "the pressure of a ball of our players back in particular, the burden is large, we need to learn a lesson, every game in the future with confidence, playing a domineering. Chen Liyi played very well today, but Carrillo and Mikha play is not ideal, today they play even better than our local players, Mikhailovich and some conservative, she was also should be more open, if this game to the road, we may be very difficult". Thus, although the Tianjin team to the final victory, but coach Wang Baoquan on the team the game’s performance is not very satisfactory, especially the two foreign players, Wang Baoquan also criticized the guide roll. I hope Carrillo and Mikha two foreign aid can be adjusted, with the League for the performance of the team, they will be crucial.相关的主题文章: