Finally, Zhejiang water town, garden like Suzhou, West Lake tourism Sohu comparable beauty beef怎么读�

Finally, Zhejiang water town, garden like Suzhou, scenery comparable to West Lake – Sohu Jiangsu tourism you already had it, you should have never been to town. This is Shanghai very near, not far away from the Hangzhou place, suitable for summer night, for autumn lazy afternoon, also suitable for winter morning sunshine… You… = without having to go to Suzhou, there is one of the famous ten Chinese, the same exquisite graceful Jiangnan garden. Hav’e you need not miss Wuzhen, here is the Millennium Jiangnan, the original old charm still continues. You do not need to remember you up here in Hangzhou, the Nanbei Lake is Xianghu Yi Xiu, than the West Lake linglong. You do not need to increase to Xinjiang Inner Mongolia, here can enjoy delicious juicy mutton gobble down. You do not need to look up here in Taiwan, the White Windmill also like romantic fairy tale, to bring everyone memories of youth. Here is the Zhejiang sea, Hangzhou only distance 1H, from Shanghai only 2H from here, little has a thick and deep thousands of years of history, Wuzhen and Xitang which belong to Jiaxing, but still is the daughter of a humble family Jiangnan woman image, not excessive grease to be commercial publicity, still adhere to the original beauty so, it’s easy to city lights and noise behind. In October 30th at the end of the Nanbei Lake Cultural Tourism Festival Closing ceremony, the national tour pal here awards, and even the world champion Zhang Mengxue visited and found that! Today, Feekr will take you tour salt, this two thousand years have not changed the name, is a representative of the hearts of countless people "Jiangnan". Soft water, coastal garden at the millennium as salt lake sea although there is no Yandang like that magnificent mountains and downs, there is no Qiandao Lake like that beautiful island aspect, but here the cengluan Pinnacle hill, Moran contains a pool of elegant and mildly meandering color; here, brewing a charming and elegant. || Yi Park – China ten garden of Yi Park, one of the ten major China garden, like a serene painting, even if the passage of time, she still quietly stopped in the corner of the city, all alone in their own world. In this more than and 100 years, Yi Park from birth to the age of rain later, as to be found and the development of Jiangnan garden, has become a legendary story. Walking between the Yi Park as if to cross back pavilions, terraces and open halls, ancient times, all took some every word and action picture character. Qi Feng Department of Zuanzhai Yuanyuan main Qing Dynasty poet, playwright Huang Xieqing and the husband, Huang Jiaxian with Zhuo Yi Yuan and Yan Park, Huang Xieqing park will be two as yellow embroidered with delicate daughter. After the construction of additional attractions, such as pavilions, terraces and open halls, and named Qiyuan, meaning "a beautiful". When a garden carries a father to his daughter talk, which also took every tree and Bush a touch of tenderness. In October 29th, world champion Zhang Mengxue and coach who visited one of the famous ten Chinese – Yee Park, she here on the Jiangnan scenery is full of love. spread相关的主题文章: