Shanghai oil and gas trading center at the time of the China’s voice cited the whole industry 爱多vcd

Shanghai petroleum and natural gas trading center shengfengjishi   Chinese sound cited industry wide resonance – energy – Shanghai petroleum and natural gas trading center shengfengjishi to global oil and gas market "Chinese voice" in the morning of November 26th, in Pudong, Lujiazui, Shanghai petroleum and natural gas trading center (hereinafter referred to as the "trading center") officially launched operation. In the new pattern of international energy production and consumption the west east ", which was born in the East China Sea oil and gas national platform not only will Chinese the world’s largest energy consumer of oil and gas market reform to the depth, more will bridge the gap between Chinese and global energy trading system. To the world oil and gas market a strong" Chinese voice ", can be described as shengfengjishi. "Chinese voice" lead the industry with over the past more than and 10 years, Shanghai and other parts of the country have set up various types of oil and gas or oil exchange market, but never have a home like trading center to attract attention at home and abroad. In the industry view, China Petroleum Corporation chairman Wang Yilin, chairman of China Petrochemical Corp, Wang Yupu China CNOOC chairman Yang Hua of the three oil giants "a" collective scene, is the best footnote of history and magnificent prospect of the status of trading center. It is worth noting that the three chairman of the day is not only a positive assessment of the trading center more position in promoting the oil and gas market reform and enhance the important role of international energy play influence on the shareholders: as an important trading center, will fully support and promote the construction of the trading center. At present, the international energy market is in a new era of change. Suez China District vice president of global energy management of ancient Dewei international energy trade market is that geographically connected gas pipelines, gas stations construction entity center, to include the virtual center network system, transaction node set. In this process, a transparent and open trading platform and supporting a sound market mechanism is essential. "Shanghai oil and natural gas trading center is consistent with the current development needs of the China trading center, can provide the market with more gas, more LNG, more liquidity, better prices and more transparency." Kanas group LNG division CEO Michel · Mark Zhengbao reporter says. This better price and more transparency is in fact a reflection of the great role of the trading center in the discovery of real prices and the promotion of the flow of resources. Earlier, accompanied by the rise of Asian demand, China has more than 60% of crude oil imports from abroad, the dependence on foreign natural gas is also more than 30%. As the world’s major oil and gas consumption, but because of the lack of pricing power, China has to continue to pay the oil and gas market, the Asian premium". In the context of the introduction of the trading center on the market was high hopes. Trial run more than a year, the trading center has initially played its role in the discovery of price, open market. Data show that in 2015 the completion of a total of 13 billion 343 million transactions in the natural gas trading volume of the two sides (bilateral), is expected this year, a single volume of natural gas breakthrough in the 15 billion party, accounting for about 8% of total gas consumption in the country相关的主题文章: