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In the city a monthly income of 80005 years how to save the two days before the 500 thousand see someone on the Internet to share in the Empire 5 thousand and 5 years earning save 350 thousand of the article, as a living in Shanghai people, friends say I am a financial Master, so today could not help but share some of my own experience in financial management and you, 350 thousand what 5 years but I saved 500 thousand! But the article said in the Empire life a week 80 meals, do you believe? The first to talk about the basic necessities of life: clothing may be related to my family education, I grew up without a sense of what brand, as long as suitable and comfortable on the line, one month down at most 500 block. Food: I am a bit lazy, usually eat out occasionally, prompted by a sudden impulse will also do their a bowl of noodles to eat, but not at home basic. The noon meal, dinner on board, a small restaurant near the home of the solution, what Suzhou soup, Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles, I believe we all go to eat meal, support dead 20 dollars. Weekends are usually BF treat, occasionally friends dinner is also AA, together with a small 1000. Live: I’ve shared with others, because I am a little older can’t have people do not speak of health, so now I live, rent a month 1300, because the company in the suburbs so the rent is not expensive. Line: before the company in the suburbs, and no direct access to what Pudong subway, and bus drivers in life are the wings of pilots, the speed to catch up with the subway, so I choose the bus to work every day, a month down 88 dollars over the weekend, words are generally BF kaijulaijie occasionally. Friends every month an average of two times, up to 20 dollars. Come to talk about learning and entertainment learning: as long as you are willing to read, willing to learn, there are a lot of free reader, such as love reading and palm reading books and so on, can free a lot, also there are a lot of online data can be found, you need to check if you can to HowNet mentees or work in University Curve Wrecker borrow, do not have to spend money. Entertainment: BF and I don’t go out of foreign travel, would have just once a year, and each time out are the basic BF in the money, and friends out of a K song, see a movie of what is AA, a month even two times, but also to spend 300 dollars. Deduction of these expenses increased by 5290 yuan per month net, the end of the year, a total of $13 a year savings of $71000. But this is a little bit away from 500 thousand. But you don’t forget I’m a friend in the financial Master. Here’s what financial instruments of financial products baby I: a few years ago, the balance of treasure annual yield of 7% when I to deposit some money, the other part is treasure in interest to eat, later the two treasure not out and I. Fixed income financial products, financial products I have not tried, because the fee is too high, I started to buy the fund from 2014 to now, has been for two years, 200 thousand voted in, there are now 1666 yuan monthly interest, there is a small 20 thousand year revenue. Of course, private lending, private lending channels where I’m a girl to a green hand, don’t forget I have a wealth of old.相关的主题文章: