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Qiao Renliang died unexpectedly, recorded live variety into the screen print – Sohu entertainment on September 16th night at 18:21, only 28 years old, popular actor Qiao Renliang in Shanghai Taopu area Qi Shun Lu residential building of death. Zhang Xinyu, Li Yifeng, and so on, including a number of entertainment stars have issued a document to express condolences and sigh, the death of the president of the society not only caused widespread discussion, but also so many fans like his sad tears. He actively went professional, full of positive energy transfer in 2007, Qiao Renliang with "hero" and was known to the audience, he brought the audience are positive positive image. In recent years he sang and an excellent actor, frequently appeared in TV dramas and variety shows, realized from the singer to the full range of artists new metamorphosis. As his career on the upgrade when it suddenly bad news, this lovely big boy left us forever. Before looking back half a month, and he recorded "Hello app dinner together! Live variety goddess ", cordial interaction during the recording and female guests, low-key and humble. All to show politeness and speech and deportment of good cultivation, treat the work hard, warm sunshine. But who can think of, this scene became his golden sun screen…… appearance suffered from depression’s relentless destruction is unpredictable, warm and cheerful appearance of Qiao Renliang, but suffered from severe depression, high strength work, coupled with the outside of his all sorts of false reports and slander, is gradually devouring his fragile soul. Suspicion and no solution made him fall into despair. Under such a strong physical and mental suffering, he is still serious, strive for perfection, dragged ill he has promised to work hard to complete the form, he slightly tired look thinner and show, no doubt also suggested that he is not good at this time. Another source said Qiao Renliang’s recent poor mood, injury following death, suspected of self mutilation, has been found dead a long time, and he eventually took the most decisive way to get rid of the pain unbearable, with the world farewell. Qiao Renliang’s micro-blog update forever fixed in September 7th. The day of the incident, presenter and good brother Yuan Chengjie the first time in micro-blog I extend condolences. This should be a family reunion of the Mid Autumn Festival, the entertainment industry has ushered in a grand sad parting, Kimi’s death is like a deep water bomb. Thousands of spectators blasted out the complicated human nature hidden in the keyboard. In the face of his death, we can not simply rude with poor psychological quality, did not eat bitter for his dead conclusion. Behind the glamorous appearance, the star in the end how much pressure to bear, we ordinary people can not know. Every life is worth our respect. The man passed away, the face of death, not only is the best excuse me farewell to heaven, no pain, let the sunshine boy can be really happy.相关的主题文章: