Japanese media Tencent in Asia outside China is not good carmex润唇膏

Japanese media: the Tencent in China outside of Asia’s development is not good in Tokyo department store to encourage tourists with Chinese pill pay WeChat Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 7th news, a few days ago, the Tencent is worth more than China Mobile, became the highest market value of enterprises Chinese. In China, Tencent is undoubtedly one of the major powers, but the Japanese economic news believes that in other markets in Asia, the development of Tencent is facing difficulties. In order to develop the business in the overseas Tencent both hand continuous investment and acquisition of enterprises, on the other hand, promotion of WeChat and WeChat to pay. Nevertheless, China is still the core of Tencent. The full text is as follows: Daimaru department store in Central District of Tokyo, shoppers will see many advertisements, lists the standard of payment, such as Visa, China UnionPay, which one is an "WeChat payment (WeChatPay)". This ad tells us: China instant messaging APP WeChat, Tencent has its tentacles out of china. This year, Tencent plans to promote WeChat payment to 1 stores in japan. Although Tencent has invested a lot of money in Asia, but its strength is still relatively weak. In recent years, many Chinese tourists to travel to Japan, big department stores want to attract these tourists, to get more profits, but there are indications that the Japanese domestic shoppers rarely use WeChat payment. "Many Chinese tourists pay with WeChat," said one sales representative." But in non Chinese consumer groups, the use of WeChat to pay less. In East Asia and Southeast Asia, the status quo of Tencent basically so. In July this year, the digital consumer advisory firm GlobalWebIndex announced that the first half of the year from the first half of 2016 to the first half of 2015, WeChat in the Asia Pacific region (excluding China) utilization doubled. In South Korea and Philippines, growth has reached 300% and 150%. Tencent listed in Hongkong in September 5th, according to market capitalization, it has become China’s largest enterprise, more than the state-owned enterprises China Mobile. Although it has become the world’s top 10 companies with the highest market value, but the growth of Tencent outside China is facing difficulties. 2015, Tencent revenue from mainland China grew by 1/3, reaching $96 billion, while revenue from other markets grew by only about 2%, about $6 billion 600 million. In order to develop foreign business, Tencent for overseas Chinese to improve the function of WeChat. From 2015 to date, WeChat has been able to pay users to pay in 10 currencies, including the renminbi, yen, Hong Kong dollar and won. Nevertheless, the development of Tencent is still facing a difficult choice, while the local short-term, medium-term growth opportunities, while the other side is a long-term strategy, committed to the establishment of a more stable base in other parts of asia. According to data provided by the game statistics game company Newzoo data show that Tencent is already the world’s largest gaming company, China is the world’s largest gaming market. The two quarter of 2016, the game accounted for about half of Tencent revenue. In the field of gaming, South Korea is the focus of attention of Tencent, as early as 10 years ago, Tencent investment in korea. Recently, Tencent to CJ Games, 4:33 Creative La)相关的主题文章: