[Nanjing] miss Li Zhige in Rehe Lu, I didn’t miss you – and Sohu 瀬名アスカ

[Nanjing] miss Li Zhige in Rehe Lu, I didn’t miss you – and the Sohu: Liu Chenre: He Shulun / hotel offers if you want Rehe, he is here: I, as a young female pseudo literary a qualified love ballad, this came to Nanjing, Li Zhi will be full of Rehe the melody, he wants to go to his song in Rehe Lu a card, the song "monument is a shabby cinema", I want to see go north 500 meters is not really the Nanjing train station. BUT! I was a real chowhound, so I did not hesitate to go straight to Nanjing Wanda Royal Hotel, I heard the banquet with all of Nanjing’s most authentic huaiyang. Nanjing Wanda Royal Hotel is located in Nanjing District of Jiangning city appearance of the commercial core area of Nanjing Wanda Royal Hotel, adjacent to the Wanda Plaza, which is convenient for shopping and entertainment, let you stay at the hotel at the same time, not to worry about can go places, perhaps this is Wanda Jia Huacheng one of the reasons for the choice of many guests in the hotel, plum elements everywhere. Let it have obvious memory in many Wanda Royal hotel. There are different restaurants in the hotel, you can pay attention to the style of dining guests dining experience. Yeah, yeah, I’m the one who knows how to eat. This time here, I wish to "a banquet Huaiyang" to taste the authentic Huaiyang cuisine, as one of the four China traditional cuisine Huaiyang, very exquisite knife, raw material in aquatic products, pay attention to fresh, food products are exquisite and is consistent with the public taste but without losing elegance. Nanjing Wanda royal hotel chef Zhou Rui banquet chef Zhou Rui specializes in high-end gourmet carefully customized fine ingredients, understands the delicacy of the road, worked for more than 20 years, received a number of media interviews, in 2007 won the executive chef qualification, and won the "Nanjing famous", "Jiangsu province Master Chef" such as the honorary title, from the 2013 Wanda Royal Hotel opening date, this service is growing up with the hotel. Although the chef has so many honorary title in the body, but it is very low-key and affinity, character without losing the hearty, gave me a deep impression, the cooking style and his character is really the same, really have a magical feeling to see people as food. I really love playing with the chef and is special, there is always a mystery behind them in the end do not know how many hidden behind the delicious feeling, every sentence has a word I did not eat the dishes. The flowers for the sauce sauce for hoof hoof flower is a cold dish, selection of pig hoof, just look at you know, absolutely tasty, secret sauce bittern, finished red thick, soft waxy, fragrant entrance, eat a bite, feel a mouthful of collagen, collagen heard four words. Estimation of the beauty of the girls can’t refuse it, this dish is really more cool and more delicious, taste is more refreshing, soft and hard rubber and QQ feeling, a little greasy, and after eating, can’t wait to eat second, eat chapter相关的主题文章: