National Tourism Administration announced the worst scenic party denies the existence of the problem 特命战队go busters

National Tourism Bureau released the "worst scenic" parties denied the existence of problems of the original title: Eleven Tour "black list" announced "the worst area" denied the existence of problems the central broadcasting network Beijing on October 9th news (reporter Wang Kai) 2016 National Day holiday has just ended. In October 9th, the National Tourism Bureau released eleven holiday "black list", a number of scenic spots, the best concentration for outstanding travel agencies, tour guides, excellent staff and excellent tourism civilization tourists, but also on the toilet during the holiday revolution lag, dirty environment, management confusion, poor travel service business units and employees and uncivilized the tourists were exposed. Reporters to the black list on the two scenic spots to prove the problem, however, the relevant person in charge of the problem has been denied exposure. What is the reason? "Black list" by the tourism authorities around the holiday tourism market order according to the local situation and provide summary information, covering area, travel agencies, tourism staff, tour guides, tourists five categories, including the scenic spot and comprehensive order and toilet revolution, the order of the tourism market, tourism security and tourism services four special. The "Red List" as the best (or excellent), "black list" for the poor (or unqualified, not civilization), covering 31 provinces and municipalities and Xinjiang production and construction corps. National Tourism Bureau spokesman Xue Yaping said, "Red List" on the list, due to traffic control, effective travel order stable, standardized service management and other reasons, the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing, Chongqing, Hunan Dazu rock carvings in Shaoshan Tourism District on the list of the best scenic spot of Sichuan comprehensive order; Qingchengshan – Dujiangyan mountain scenic area, Shandong City, Taierzhuang Hubei Three Gorges Dam Tourism etc. the list of the best scenic spots, the toilet revolution were the order of the tourism market, the best scenic tourism security best scenic spot. The "black list" list, the tourist and scenic staff disputes in Beijing Shidu area, safety, service and identification system, the lack of toilet dirty and messy Zhangjiajie Dragon Cave Scenic Area, are on the list of the worst order comprehensive scenic spot. Xue Yaping pointed out that the Jilin Prefecture of Yanbian province 4A level scenic canyon landscape pumice for safety management system is not perfect, the emergency is not perfect, not in place to implement the safety responsibility, safety facilities within the area of old, lack of warning signs, the list of the worst scenic tourism safety and security. In addition, because of service problems, Beijing way cattle travel agency list of substandard travel agency; for tour guide without increased expense items, tourists in scenic graffiti carved, 5 guides and 6 tourists aboard the unqualified tour guide and uncivilized tourists "black list". "Black list" (source: National Tourism Administration) it is worth noting that, in this list, showing the lowest order of Shanghai Sun Island International Club, the worst toilet revolution, the worst travel services. However, the reporter called Shanghai Sun Island International Club Co., Ltd., the relevant person in charge does not recognize these problems. Reporter: list of these problems do not exist? Staff: we did not receive customer feedback (bad). Customers are basically admitted that very good. Even if there is a complaint is resolved in a timely manner. Reporter: the list also said "toilet prop相关的主题文章: