A man who rides a white horse is not necessarily a prince 特命战队go busters

Riding a white horse is not necessarily the prince but wearing a jacket is not a old driver lead: Autumn locomotive leather jacket worth this year I think the game is not perfect, as most can show the attitude of the dressing season, wearing biker jacket like soldiers wearing golden armor, you can let the male hormone burst table, full of wind, if we ride a Harley, then you definitely better than riding a white horse prince (or Tang Seng) but also many. (turn from: Mr. fashion) not all the people riding a white horse prince, but wearing a motorcycle jacket are old drivers!   to say the source of the motorcycle jacket, it is necessary to mention the motorcycle. Why? Because at first it was a motorcycle gear that was used by the riders! The world’s first zipper jacket from the motorcycle jacket ancestor Schott NYC, also known as the Schott Perfecto series (remember the name). The earliest to hide as the main material, strong and durable, and later began to popularize the motorcycle motorcycle jacket designer can’t even drive Irving Schott (son of Russian immigrants) is one of the Schott Bros. is the director of motorcycle jacket designer, and his brother Jack in the lower east side of Manhattan a shabby basement. At that time, Irving estimates there is no concept of motorcycles. At that time in the market can not buy a motorcycle, and he can not even open the car. The earliest to hide as the main material, sturdy and durable, then the motorcycle began to spread, high speed, wool coat can not resist the rider biting wind, plus the design itself bold makings and knights adventurous personality agree without prior without previous consultation soon opened up, visibility. What does the Perfecto series mean? They used Perfecto to name the best coat, and Perfecto was the name of Irving’s favorite cigar. The top of the top of the leather and wool lining will be sewn on the Perfecto label. The jacket on the zipper on the zipper jacket is not easy or simple   zipper appeared in 1913, and Schott opened the first factory occurred in the same year. At first, because of the high price, the clothing manufacturers could not use the zipper. But because of the outbreak of the first World War, the United States military demand for zipper surge. This will reduce the cost of the zipper, so as to enter the consumer market. The potential for this technology is huge, and Irving became the first manufacturer of a jacket with a zipper in 1925. "Biker" not only Malone · Brando became popular male god, but will push on the trend of the peak and then motorcycle jacket, a "Biker" not only Malone · Brando became popular men of God, will push the tide peak motorcycle jacket. A metrosexual man fashionista also began to perform, motorcycle jacket hung up. Now, in Schott’s factory, about 100 workers work tirelessly every day to produce 200 leather jackets!相关的主题文章: