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PhD telecommunications fraud was to transfer 27 thousand yuan each claiming to customer service original title: PhD telecommunications fraud caught the Beijing Morning News Hotline news (reporter Li Yang) in the PhD leaflets yesterday to the newspaper said, in October 24th he received a phone call claiming to be a Jingdong, the other said he mistakenly add to the shop membership required to get a single receipt in order to avoid Bank assistance, $9000 annual membership fee. After that, in a call to the staff of the Bank of China under the guidance of the phone, leaflets 4 times to the other side of the account transfer of nearly $27 thousand. Haidian District North Tai Ping police station, said the case is under further investigation. Leaflets told the Beijing morning news reporter, in October 24th, he received a phone call claiming to be the Jingdong customer service staff, the other said I buy a microwave oven in the United States Jingdong, for interns operation mistakes, add me as a member of the United states. After becoming a member, the bank will automatically deduct the cost of 9000 yuan per year. Someone asked me to help the bank through the print receipt to cancel the membership, in order to avoid unnecessary losses." Lobular said that in September 22nd, he has just bought a beautiful home microwave oven. Leaflets said: "after I received a bank customer service China claiming to be the woman on the phone, asked me to assist her in front of ATM machines, print receipt." The other provides a leaflet said first put the money into the account, which, to be printed after the receipt, the money will automatically return in 10 minutes. Leaflets said, after receiving the call, he ATM in the campus on the other accounts to transfer 12345 yuan, then the other let me put the balance of treasure in money, even the ants are flowers chant, sesame credit available credit overdraft payments that are turned over". Lobular said, because I was convinced that the other side is the bank customer service staff, a step by step into the scam. The reporter saw from the leaflets provided by transfer screenshots, he through the Bank of China ATM and Alipay software, to each other to provide the account transfer amount of 4 pen, a total of 26932.57 yuan. "I am now penniless, then go to the police are friends and borrowed fare." Haidian District North Tai Ping police station, said the case is under further investigation. Jingdong staff responded that the customer service will not be added to the membership fee to call the customer, but will not disclose the privacy of customers. Bank of China customer service staff reminded, now someone will change the number of software posing as bank staff, asking for remittances. And personal accounts in the ATM machine transfer operation, only print transaction details, there is no single receipt". Clue: Mr. Chen responsibility editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: