Beijing, China – VIDEO – Qinghai’s first disabled car wash business to provide employment opportunit 若槻ゆうか

Beijing – VIDEO – Qinghai’s first disabled car wash business to provide employment opportunities for mentally retarded children [comment] recently, the Qinghai city of Xining Province, a car wash caused by local public concern, the name is "xihaner" car wash service center has become a hot topic in the circle of friends of the local drivers. Many owners to drive to the car wash service center. [comment] "xihaner" is the generic term for mental disorders, the car service center by the Qinghai provincial federations organized, disabled employment service center staff told reporters that in the disabled, and the disabled, visually impaired and hearing impaired, disabled person more difficult to adapt to the society, many employers will reject the intelligence the disabled, so set up car wash line into an attempt to solve this part of the intellectual disabled employment, the company now has a total of 14 people with intellectual disabilities. [paralanguage] chief province disabled employment service center, Jin Xiaojuan is washing the car because of employment if operation is relatively simple, no technical content is particularly large, because now we give this piece of intelligence handicapped their assigned work is mainly cleaning window glass or wipe tire is difficult technical content we all have a normal wash master to dry. [comment] car service center opened, many customers after washing the car spontaneously in the circle of friends forwards, many in Xining and even all over the county people who came here to wash the car, now every day can take about 20 cars, it opened at the beginning of a few days to wash more than and 60 cars or even a day. [voice over the same period] customers Sha Chenghui because of their own physical defects, through their own efforts to feed themselves, do something they can do. [voice over the same period] Mr. Sun through the circle of friends and WeChat, come and look, is a support for them. In the usual free time, the teachers will be in the car wash service center put music, and do some good for the normal life of mentally handicapped rehabilitation training. [paralanguage] chief province disabled employment service center of employment Jin Xiaojuan as before in the process of rehabilitation training, there is some mood swings, but since the car wash, they are more willing to do this job, especially love, and some children like we are now a day off every week, the most at least one day that they take, and then go home when they sometimes quarrel with Naozhuo parents said I want to go to the car wash, I want to go to the car. [comment] disabled employment service center staff, because it is the car service center opened at the beginning, a lot of work still need to guide teachers and wash master to complete the next step, they will let the car wash service center of normal operation, and do a really normal operation of car wash. Reporter Du Chengpeng Qinghai Xining相关的主题文章: