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Du cents Ren Hunan provincial Party Secretary Xu Shousheng will no longer serve as (Figure CV) Du Jiahao (information) Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August 28 days ago, the CPC Central Committee decided: Comrade Ren Du cents Secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee; Comrade Xu Shousheng no longer serve as the Hunan provincial Party committee, standing committee member. Du cents resume: Du cents, male, Han nationality, born in July 1955, Zhejiang Ningbo people, born in Shanghai, the Central Party school graduate culture, MBA, senior economist, senior economist, in March 1973, in December 1973 to join the party. 1973.03-1975.07 Deputy Secretary of Shanghai City Yuejin farm tool factory workers, deputy director and Party branch 1975.07-1978.09 Shanghai City Yuejin farm Party committee, deputy secretary of the comprehensive plan group leader, deputy secretary of the Party committee, deputy director of the Political Department of Shanghai city 1978.09-1981.09 Farm Bureau of Communist Youth League 1981.09-1984.06 Shanghai Farm Bureau Secretary of the Communist Youth League Shanghai municipal Party School (during the period: 1982.09-1983.01 ninth phase rotation class) 1984.06-1985.06 Shanghai Farm Bureau responsible for Department of science and technology, vice chairman of 1985.06-1990.04 Shanghai Farm Bureau unions (during the period: 1987.02 clear at the level, presided over the work of 1983.09-1988.06 Chinese; East China Normal University professional learning) director of the office of the government 1990.04-1992.03 Shanghai Farm Bureau deputy secretary 1992.03-1993.01 Shanghai city 1993.01-1998.07 Songjiang County, Shanghai City, Songjiang county Party Secretary (during the period: 19 Training young cadres to learn 95.09-1996.07 Central Party school year; 1995.09-1998.07 Central Party School postgraduate courses in the world economy professional learning) Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai city 1998.07-1999.10 Songjiang District Secretary 1999.10-2003.02 Shanghai Yangpu District Committee Secretary 2003.02-2003.04 Shanghai municipal Party committee, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, the municipal government party members of 2003.04-2003.08 Shanghai municipal deputy secretary general, Secretary General of the municipal government, Party members, office director 2003.08-2004.04 Shanghai municipal deputy secretary general, Secretary General of the municipal government, Party members, director of Pudong New Area city Sun Zhongshan Song Qingling cultural relics management committee 2004.04-2007.12 Shanghai Municipal Committee, Party Secretary (during the period: 2005.03-2007.05 CEIBS MBA study, MBA) 2007.12-2011.04 Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, deputy Governor 2011.04-2011.09 Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, deputy governor of the CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee 2012.05-2013.03 2011.09-2012.05.相关的主题文章: