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What convinced _ pacts to comment _ Tencent.com Zhang Dongfeng Sichuan Dazhou Longwan commentary authors of a village because the 87 year old mother suffered a fine concern pacts do birthday. Although at first glance this "this ticket" found ", but not the parties feel confused, but also attracted a lot of questions, not only to lost data, and there are suspected of violating the law. What ultimately to the higher authorities instructed the village committee will refund the fine end, but this involved the legitimacy of the fall is not ignored. According to "the organization law of villagers committee, village regulations formulated by the villagers’ meeting, and report to the township government for the record, is second only to the rules of villagers’ autonomy of villagers’ autonomy norms. It is not subject to the constitution, laws and regulations and the state policies, and shall not infringe upon the personal rights, democratic rights and legitimate property rights of the villagers, as determined by the constitution of the villagers’ autonomy and the villagers’ representative meeting. This seems to be a modern concept, but as a kind of grassroots autonomy, namely the "ancient village regulations". Records show that China’s written "the first village" can be traced back to the Northern Song Dynasty Shaanxi Lantian Lu brothers created the "Lu Village", its purpose is to "German industry persuaded, fault phase regulation, customs intersect, trouble phase shirts, more embodies a kind of moral education, with mutual Province internal constraints. But today, the function seems to become more and more powerful: in some places not only abide by the law, caring for the elderly is written into the village, gambling, narcotics and fishing village neighborhood writing; daily pacts with the adjustment, also pacts with the implementation of national policies. This approach is contrary to the intention of the first. In essence, village is a kind of social organization based on moral orientation, contract; it is of the order specification is used to adjust the relationship between state and family members; management mode, generally follow a "logic of collective action", namely between person and organization "matter" to restrain the behavior of members. In "Lu Village" as an example, the main provisions for advocating "benevolence", and not forced into the biggest cost of default is about, was expelled from the village. "The ticket" is mired in controversy, the first is probably beyond the scope of the provisions of the law, the party members and leading cadres constraints "reference formulation" in, that sent villagers gave a "ordinary villagers, do more than and 10 banquet tables, how is illegal" confusion. Moreover, seen from the reports, the villages’convenant "of the village just talked about at the meeting, it is difficult to say in the formulation procedure after the consistency of villagers agree, this in the" about "is formed on the indirect force, coupled with the" default "is also forced the" fine "nature unconvincing. Further we can not ignore the warning, village governance in modern society the reality. This has at least two meanings: first, the whole society is a clear division of labor, corresponding to each people have different roles in different occasions, so as the government personnel administrative roles and norms, as members of the party’s responsibility and discipline, as a citizen, the first to comply with national laws, in this case, pointing to the village the villagers’ rights and obligations as members of the village collective, and cannot be extended to other social fields and]相关的主题文章: