Beauty so do different advantages of · the list of the most beautiful office space in the upcom soojin

Beauty so do different advantages of · the list of the most beautiful office space and the upcoming · award winning awards; the most beautiful office space TM awards dinner will be held on September 1, 2016 at the InterContinental Hotel in Sanlitun. The advantages of the Internet trading platform by the largest office leasing office (Uban) held, which lasted three months, through active registration, netizen + + expert media three party joint assessment ways selected "the most beautiful office space". Excellent office to let the office life more happiness for the mission, respected modern office, to provide us with more beautiful office space, improve the well-being of the office workers index. The contest held in mind, "impulse" behind the thought as the largest Internet office leasing service platform, and do focus on the real estate dictionary, do office space office of the selected label information, for customers, with a look at the work site office, why hold office space selection? With excellent founder and CEO Lu Yang exchange after the answer. "The most beautiful office space award selection activities is my idea, in 2015 the first half suddenly thought". When I asked about the original intention of the event, Lu Yang made such an answer. It is understood that Luyang himself is a construction and real estate projects and activities about everything fancier, The Inn Boutique circles are very concerned, once Beat Design Hotel Award "best selection" of the concept that he is one of the earthquake. The same is to improve people’s well-being, the Beat Design Hotel award this behavior inspired him to hold "and do · source of the most beautiful office space TM extravaganza" inspiration. At the same time, "you do · the most beautiful office space TM extravaganza" and "do better let office life more happiness" mission match, because of this, the selection is from a rapid drop of inspiration into an industry event. The office space office works combine with life, love life "and do 13 time in · the most beautiful office space TM extravaganza" activities, puts forward the "caring family office 13 life time" concept, make life more happy office is equivalent to 13 people’s life become happy light. Studies have shown that the quality of the office to a large extent will directly affect the efficiency of employees. Human nature, health, good office space can stimulate the creativity of employees, enhance the sense of belonging. Like Google’s open free campus, Facebook’s closed castle…… Are through the office space to improve the quality of work and improve the sense of well-being of the office of creative design. The office space works "· the most beautiful office space TM awards event held by the multiple dimensions of awards covering space, such as the most beautiful office space Grand Prix, the most beautiful, the most beautiful green front 16 major awards. At the same time, excellent office also organized a "most beautiful building Award" award, to help you find the most beautiful office building. Currently, the event has collected more than 600 entries, beautiful pictures over 3000, more than 300 thousand + users attention!相关的主题文章: