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The Daily Telegraph: how to remove the "× × village" stigma cap – View – original title: how to remove the "× × town" because of the repeated impact on stigma cap of telecommunications fraud cases and special rectification in the "faceless" Fujian Anxi, which was a high quality Oolong Tea — well-known, far and near. The national economic hundred counties, was labeled as "liar town" and "fraud birthplace" stigmatized label. To this end, Anxi county recently held a special credit construction of thousands of the general assembly, the Secretary of the county signed a letter calling for "Anxi is an innocent, the people of Anxi a Qingming tea, but also a clear sky". A crime, but let people follow the bear infamy, even if not in Anxi, can also imagine that a bad mouse droppings and helpless pain soup ". As the local government, see a place as output fraudsters constantly, in addition to denounce the illegal acts, and to do obviously there are many. No matter where the crime, legal sanctions will not pick a topic, but the regional characteristics of the crime is still worthy of attention. According to some media reports, Anxi Telecom fraud crime has gradually become a strict division of labor industry chain, with the upgrade of the means of crime against the criminal suspect and continue to retrofit, emerge in an endless stream younger age trend is more and more obvious…… Telecommunications fraud, not only become Anxi’s "face" to "lining" deeper wound, the pain. A place or a place where people become a crime the hardest hit, the social causes are complex, but the interest is undoubtedly the first. In the original simple folk customs in rural areas, several big flourishes "devil" typical, is enough to entice the local people to commit crimes, "Domino effect". And once Pandora’s box was opened, it would be hard to close it again. Many of the so-called "problem village" "problem village" is a result of the spread of a crime under the temptation of the spread, so that the survival of the entire rural logic is rewritten. Apart in mountainous Changting county more than and 200 kilometers from Anxi, twenty years earlier even a few people did not know what drugs, but since 2007, the county has more than 1000 such molecules involved hemp were held criminally liable, is listed as the precursor chemicals drain region and endangering the whole country informed warning drug situation in the most prominent crowd. The development of fast, relentless, toxic injury, shocking. Not long ago, the two party officers of the county office for more than a year to the county signed an open letter, said "this poison is not the exception, not speech". Whether or telecommunications fraud is a crime of drug trafficking, loss, but also let the negative energy a disgraceful humiliated. Now cheer is more and more, including Anxi, Changting, where the "skeleton" dare to sword, dare voice, dare to cut. In addition to relying on the strength of the rule of law to combat crime, more deepen from multiple dimensions of precise poverty, solid industrial base, promoting social prevention and treatment, increase publicity and education, the collapse of the criminal breeding ground, lead)相关的主题文章: