Poll on the island Taiwan people Chinese identity picked up to 52% pp点点通2006

The poll: the people of Taiwan "Chinese" identity rose to 52% original title: Shimachi Mincho: "the people of Taiwan Chinese identity rose to 52% according to Taiwan" in the electronic newspaper "reported on November 4th, the official exchange of cross-strait ice, but the people of Taiwan’s Chinese identity is the reverse push up. According to the latest polls show that the Chinese people in Taiwan agree to pick up to 52%. In addition, in the face of the development of the mainland, a total of 69.7% of people believe that if Taiwan to take the pan Chinese identity, the cross-strait relations, the best to ensure that the interests of Taiwan, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait Peace, to create a new high in the past 4 years. Taiwan Taipei city Taiwan Competitiveness Forum learned today (4) morning held semi annual survey results of 2016 press conference, according to the survey results, the people of Taiwan Chinese identity rebounded to 52%, almost 6% more than the previous. Compared with the first half of the year, all age groups agree that Chinese people have an increase of 4-6 percentage points, while the main reason for recognition is the blood, culture. Deputy general manager Epro analysis pollster Qiu Yuanbao said that the current cross-strait relations low swing, let Taiwan people vaguely uneasy, people treat this problem is very pragmatic, if take the pan Chinese identity, whether can avoid the occurrence of hot cross-strait confrontation. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: