Three ordering platform business license publicity rate of nearly 9 into the two week offline 8 thou 爱多vcd

Three ordering platform business license publicity rate of nearly 9 into the two week offline 8 thousand – Sohu following the August 8th, August 26th news briefing, September 9th morning, the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration held another clue network ordering platform issues briefing, Baidu takeaway, Baidu Nuomi, the United States mission, home, hungry delicacy 15 online ordering platform attended. According to statistics, Baidu takeaway, the U.S. group, hungry 13 platforms within the next two weeks off the merchant of the 8 thousand. The frequent exposure of nearly 90% business license undocumented takeaway platform publicity rate of three big takeaway platform, but also promote "restaurant" line. Beijing city food and Drug Supervision Bureau network monitoring center data show that as of September 7th, monitored a total of 43526 stores, over two weeks ago, the total number of stores fell 8 over a thousand households platform. With the number of unlicensed stores in the next line, several takeaway platform license publicity rate has also been improved. According to the city food and drug administration network monitoring center statistics, Baidu takeaway, the U.S. group, hungry 13 ordering platform license publicity rate from two week before the 86.5% rose to 89.9%, an increase of 3.4 percentage points. Among them, the United States Mission publicity rate of 95.9%, hungry for what is, Baidu takeaway 84.5%. The latest data show that the three platforms are still about 4 thousand households shop has not yet public license information. The ordering platform of undocumented restaurants, food and Drug Administration had asked that all businesses are ordering platform in October 1st to be "light shine bright card". Not for publicity licence for the restaurant, Beijing city food and Drug Administration ordered the three platform review, strictly fulfill disclosure obligations, should as soon as possible to verify the information store, for indeed no business license qualification of the shop, immediately off the assembly line. The platform for violation of the "food safety law" the relevant provisions will be severely punished. "In October 1st, to investigate violations of food safety network measures" will be officially implemented, according to the "measures", the platform shall be prominently publicized consumer complaint reporting system and complaint channels, food and drug administration asked the three platform to the last time, the rectification as soon as possible. Repeated problems takeaway platform will be included in the blacklist, food and Drug Administration Internet Monitoring Center for Zhao Xin said Monday the monitoring found that the three platforms are still not part of rectification for clues informed on the issue of August 26th off the assembly line, then once again urge the platform for rectification. This afternoon, the city food and drug administration notified the platform to participate in the third question clues briefing, the three platforms off the assembly line on the night of large-scale irregularities shop. As of Friday morning 9, part of the platform to take off the bright card publicity rate has improved significantly. This shows that the three platforms on the line is the problem of the existence of a clear grasp, but also fully capable of fulfilling the obligation to review the legal requirements of publicity." Municipal Food and drug administration, said Li Jiang, director of market regulation, the platform will be included in the issue of credit regulation, may be blacklisted. On the recent network ordering platform is investigated on the carding, transfer of the business sector, the Beijing city enterprise credit system network into the city’s 55 department. It is understood that repeated cases of serious cases of food production operators will be.相关的主题文章: