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Beijing – VIDEO -330 Yu Shuo sigh for personal friendship Berson list object than reading difficult [comment] the evening of November 12th, "Luo wit beauty" in Central China seven universities Shuobo party is held in Wuhan, from the Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Huazhong Normal University and other 7 universities in more than 330 single master and doctor to find the edge of the scene. Men and women succeed in hand. After the start of the event, the scene of the men and women are very active in the game through the game, dance, self introduction and other ways to understand the favorite object. Many students told reporters on the scene, although a lot of students around, but the circle of life is not large, so the higher the single rate. There are many students admitted that it is more difficult to find the object than the test. [] students over the same period: difficult to me to find the object. (why), because the small circle of friends, and don’t want to find you do not want to find, to find the time and no, is a small circle of friends well, can not find. Student: I think while reading is also difficult to find the object, but is a more difficult thing, because reading this thing, the book is available is right, as long as you want to read it well, to do research on the line, but this thing, two people are right, the I feel more need to put some thought into some ideas. [interpretation] Association will be sponsored by the doctoral Association of Wuhan University, Hubei satellite TV comprehensive channel to help the girls section. Organizers, to participate in the association of master and doctor with an average age of 25, they usually busy with research, learning, small circle, to build communication platform, help them to find the other half. [over] a Ph.D. student at the Wuhan University Sports Center branch deputy director Gao Shengbo: because usually are busy, so there is such an event, everyone can enhance mutual understanding, and are, the words of the master, may have more common topics, but usually because in their own small circle now such an event can help you find yourself on the side of the.相关的主题文章: