Jiangxi, many colleges and universities require military training as a required course missed milita headache怎么读�

Many colleges and universities in Jiangxi for compulsory military training military training set to miss "fill training" – Beijing China Jiangxi Reuters reporter Liao Jitang reports: September is the freshmen military training, this year the weather changed in the "barbecue mode" to the new students sent a large welfare "". However, the reporter learned from a number of colleges and universities in our province, there are a lot of new military training before leaving for a variety of reasons, many of which provide false medical records to avoid military training. The new case to avoid military training to get false records to delay the report "my child to be postponed for some time to sign up, he has depression tend to this period of time has been to stay at home, this is the child’s medical records." At the beginning of September, in Nanchang, a well-known university freshmen report to the scene, a new parents find the school administration office staff requirements, delay the report. Depression is not a trivial matter, if it is severe depression, may not be suitable for college." Staff immediately consulted the school hospital responsible person, the school hospital official said, must take the students to the top three hospitals to check again, after the diagnosis of subsequent treatment. "But my child is still home, did not come to Nanchang." Parents are a little worried. "Then you should take him to Nanchang, and we’ll go with him." Staff attitude is very firm. In desperation, the parents had to admit: "the child is not willing to participate in military training, I get a false medical records, to the end of the military report again, it is self defeating." That school officials dumbfounding, "have new military training before or during military training every year to leave, but directly delay the students report relatively rare." Have a fever, stomachache, visited the ankle…… Students leave a lot of reasons at present, the province’s major universities have entered the military training time. Many college counselors told reporters that the class has several students leave, leave all kinds of reasons, some ankle foot in military training, and some have a fever, some have a bad stomachache, some girls to vacation. Some students are relatively weak physique, usually lack of exercise, not adapt to military training, so I like to leave for a variety of reasons." In a university counselor when the teacher told reporters, without any special circumstances and the students leave, she from the beginning, staring at the dead". Under normal circumstances, if there are one or two students to leave the success of the latter will be more than a leave, as long as the first, second students to stop the students back to the back of the absence of almost no." Liao teacher said, this is her experience. "A lot of students to do military training phenomenon, really sick or be ill, one can see it." A college counselor Zhang said, most of the students will feel after the military physical condition was better than before, in addition to the military training of independent consciousness, bad habits in life is also very helpful, so have nothing to leave the students, he resolutely refused the. New students missed the military training to sophomore to fill the Provincial Department of education, the body of the Department of Arts and Health Department official told reporters that military training is a compulsory course in the University, the majority of military training in the province accounted for 2.相关的主题文章: