Pan Pearl autumn season -zic SBK Championship winner 若槻ゆうか

Pan Pearl autumn season -ZIC SBK Championship winner ZIC Superbike race car group group turns sina sports news on 17-18 September 2016 pan Delta Super Racing Festival – annual autumn race ending the war in Zhuhai Guojisaichechang successful ending. Track two heroes, hero passion hurricane, count every minute and second. Asian Cup as a genius dazzling talent, vibrant, passion is still Red Bull drift contest. September 18, 2016, the attention of the ZIC super motorcycle race in the afternoon 14 passion staged. To the year ending points, ten race compact, champion game and round champion, the annual variable hidden, spectacular and exciting game dizzying, enough to satisfy the most discerning fans and the audience’s appetite. According to the previous race personal best lap top, two levels of the car will start mixed, Etcheson, Lee Zheng Peng, Huang Shizhao three people were in the front row, and won the 600CC championship level ahead of Ouyang Fu in the ninth row in the parking spaces, before many 1000CC race car. The green light, the car roared, all the traffic smoothly through the number one bend, AI Yi Jing smooth out of the car group came to the head. The rear driver was quick to adapt and fit in, and the order was completed, but a lot of drivers started trying to move forward. Because the integral neighbor.the, intense competition, the annual championship 600CC level in group CL2 Yuan Jibo and Huang Zhiyu of high-profile, but Yuan Jibo dropped to second lap 18, Huang Zhiyu remained in 15 place. Then Etcheson has been in the front to lead and gradually establish a winning edge, Li Zhengpeng, Huang Shizhao, Okamura Hikaru and other top seven drivers, to maintain the same multi circle, the day has been winning the championship ahead of the 600CC level driver Ouyang Fu burst into the 1000CC level of traffic, the performance is quite brisk. At the ninth time, Al cheson grew in courage, with 15 seconds that he no doubt won a trophy. Huang Shizhao in this circle beyond Li Zhengpeng, after the completion of the ten circle in second line. Ten ring tight race to finish soon, in addition to several driver mistakes retire, most drivers finish, Huang Zhiyu and Yuan Jibo finished the race ranking freeze in 15 and 18, Yuan Jibo with the existing integral advantage harvest CL2 champion trophy. Achieved in this field and the title of the year said Al cheson must be very careful in two levels of racing to compete in, do not allow failure; when it comes to winning the championship, he said he has only focused on the game, did not notice you have to get the championship will be very happy; and then to the game in Zhuhai next year. Huang Shizhao won the runner up, after doing a better start than the previous day, the car is not as good as the temperature of the fetus; talking about the annual game, he said: I hope to do better next year. The end of the year, thanks to the dedication of the team throughout the year." Li Zhengpeng successfully harvested fifth champion, was also successfully match for him in the team for their help over, he also mentioned the same field competition: "I am very happy to beat the Japanese driver. In the same group." The winner of the previous day相关的主题文章: