The full impact of double bodied AFC Champions League Shenhua need to consolidate qualification rank 女f4

The full impact of double bodied AFC Champions League Shenhua need to consolidate qualification ranking – Sports Sohu R & F 1-1 renatinho lullaby to celebrate the accomplishment Shenhua Beijing time on September 11th, the twenty-fourth round of Super League battle of a focus to finish the final race. Shanghai Shenhua green Guangzhou Fuli Guangzhou Yuexiu mountain stadium came home court against challenge to. With Ray Nardi Neo and Moreno respectively Jiangong, both 1 to 1 draw, shake hands. Before the game, Shanghai Shenhua accumulates 40 points in the standings in third place, while Guangzhou bodied plot 32 points ranked sixth. It is worth mentioning that Shanghai Shenhua and Guangzhou bodied in the FA Cup this season four list. Double battle, both teams have the opportunity to qualify for next season AFC Champions League. After the first half of the game, the two sides will soon enter the rhythm of the game, while Guangzhou Fuli apparently more active on the scene. Sixth minutes into the game, Ray Nardi Neo for the team lead R & R team offensive, then still waves, Shenhua team has less chance to attack. The second half, Shenhua team offensive has been improved quickly by Moreno headed equaliser. Then the game both sides have offensive and defensive, but broke lack technique, 1 to 1 score to maintain the end. After the end of the campaign, Guangzhou Fuli accumulated 33 points, before the body of Hebei Huaxia happiness distance and the distance is only 3 points, ranked fourth in the Shanghai port still has a gap of 6 points. Six matches remaining in the league, to win every match to enter the AFC Champions League district is not possible without qualification. Moreover, Guangzhou R & F team is still in the FA Cup semi-final, first leg draw away to Guangzhou Hengda, they still have a chance to win the finals. Moreover, in the top three Guangzhou Hengda, Jiangsu Suning and Shanghai Shenhua are currently in the FA Cup semi-finals, if the FA Cup champions in the same league before three, then fourth is also available for AFC Champions League qualifying. The next game, both the league and the FA Cup, Guangzhou R & F will fight for AFC Champions League qualification. In Shanghai Shenhua, after the end of the integral to 41 points, but the former Jiangsu Suning in the end of the game just beat the opponent, the difference is further widening, and facing the edge of being eliminated after losing the FA Cup home court, Shanghai Shenhua seems to want to get AFC Champions League qualification, also need to strengthen the League next. The game needs to all. It is worth mentioning that, just a few days ago, Guangzhou R & F club announced the renewal of the contract with coach Stojkovic until the end of 2020. The middle of the season Stojkovic took the team coach, led the team to avoid relegation last season, this season in the league but also further, performance steadily, the FA Cup semi-finals, it is important to weight the team decides to renew, to know this about a piece of paper in the super game is extremely rare, it also shows that R & F senior Stojkovic enough trust. (South Kudo)相关的主题文章: