Taiyuan plans to complete the transformation of 1277 residential water supply network within three y jcuv是什么车

Taiyuan city plans to three years to complete the 1277 district water supply pipe network transformation in order to ensure the masses safe water, with reduced leakage, the city plans within three years of the 1277 old residential courtyard network is difficult or a form of reform, is expected to have 160 thousand households benefited from. Recently, the "Taiyuan old district water supply pipe network and the difficult a form of reform implementation plan" formally issued, which clearly mentioned that before the end of the year, I will complete the first batch of 400 residential renovation, involving 43 thousand and 700 residents. Currently, the transformation of each district is stepping up construction. Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited Xinghualingqu Xiangtang mining district is a large residential area, due to the construction of the age, the water supply pipe network disrepair, leaking seriously, in order to reduce losses, only small regular water supply, residents living very inconvenient. Some time ago, the district’s water supply network has been transformed, not only the old pipeline has been updated, but also to achieve a one table, to solve the problem of inconvenient draft. After the transformation, the residents are happy to say: after the home do not have to prepare so many barrels of water, and more convenient water." According to reports, with the continuous expansion of the city, the water pipe network every year to extend to all corners of the city. At the same time, tap water pipeline aging also increased, leaking phenomenon occurred from time to time, the water table table number always cannot be completely consistent, especially in the old area of difficulty is more serious, the opinions of the masses is large, but also a waste of water resources. To this end, in 2006, the city implemented a water pipe network, a household table transformation, the annual increase in the number of transformation, as of now, there are about one hundred thousand people benefit from the water saving effect is obvious. This involves 162 thousand and 700 households according to the preliminary investigation, the "plan" in the detailed implementation of the transformation of the transformation plan, the city plans to build on 1990 before the 1277 old residential courtyard of the old pipe network water supply difficulties and facilities. After the completion of the 1990, the courtyard of a serious aging water supply network, the existence of water quality and safety risks in some areas of the old pipe network and facilities will also be implemented, the simultaneous implementation of one family one table transformation. The renovation project to be completed within three years, a total of 270.56 kilometers of water supply pipelines, including the replacement of 75 sets of two pressurized water supply equipment, involving 162 thousand and 700 residents, after the transformation, the masses of these regions can be used to clean water, safe water, safe water. In the transformation, according to the general idea of the first slow after the first, after the first easy and difficult, the overall idea of comprehensive transformation, phased implementation. Of which: complete the transformation of 400 areas this year, replacing water supply pipeline 109.03 km, two pressurized equipment 25 sets, involving 43 thousand and 700 residents. 2017 completed the transformation of 477 areas, replacing the 47.45 km pipeline, two pressurized equipment 25 sets, involving 41 thousand and 200 residents. 2018 completed the transformation of 400 areas, replacing the 114.09 km pipeline, two pressurized equipment 25 sets, involving 77 thousand and 800 residents. Transformation cost.相关的主题文章: