Mark did not dare to make a movie on the big broken rib pain 步步高i606

Mark did not dare to make a movie of broken rib pain on large Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Mark [micro-blog] by Lou Besson appointed performances by the producer, screenwriter fantasy adventure blockbuster "warrior’s gate", the film co production method, cost 1 billion 500 million yuan, which lasted 1 and a half years after the system was completed with shooting. "Warrior" 15 held in Beijing premiere, director Mathis Horn (Matthias Hoene), Mark, Ni Ni [micro-blog] and Wu Zhenyu attended, Mark revealed himself when filming broken ribs, Gao Yuanyuan [micro-blog] immediately flew to visit, but he also did not dare to dump pain. The first time Zhao Youting and Luc cooperation, at first he managed to eat cold-shoulder treatment guide, "received the invitation of course feel honored, after reading the script also feel very interesting story, fantasy, just think age is relatively low, the story is relatively simple, feel not so challenging, so I declined." The Lou Besson did not give up, even Pro phone solicitation, persuaded Mark. When shooting a scene Mark accidentally inserted injuries result in scabbard rib fracture, he no pain to the hospital immediately, the rest is even on the toilet all let him pain, so sometimes choose to hold. Gao Yuanyuan learned that her husband injured, immediately fly to shoot Guilin to take care of him personally, Mark also stopped filming for 2 weeks, delay the crew feel guilty. This is Mark for the first time to English performances, although he grew up in Canada, but the first English performance challenge is not small, "I feel very fresh! Also found that ordinary English chat is okay, but really want to perform in English, with usual Chinese lines still have very big difference. The west is also coupled with humor, so the rhythm, and the degree is different from Chinese film. The performance based from their own seen Hollywood commercial movies a lot of mastery in their performance, but not particularly to the WHO model, is very enjoyable experience." "Warrior’s gate" 18 days in the mainland release, Taiwan time is uncertain. The ETtoday hot news: Changning party secretary talk about future plans: the depth of the transformation of old Huangpu city construction of excellent international public security drill field into Wanghong: dubbed Huangpu Shanghai subway station first ruthless tidal flow was the morning rush hour passengers encounter on the train hard taste products taking double eleven report published: 90 after a main consumer of Pudong underground casino exposure hours after being banned 8 suspects arrested: 23000 weather sense of autumn evening to the night overcast with showers today

赵又廷拍新戏断肋骨 痛到不敢上大号   新浪娱乐讯 据台湾媒体报道,赵又廷[微博]受到卢贝松钦点演出由其监制、编剧的奇幻冒险钜片《勇士之门》,该片中、法合拍耗资15亿元,历时1年半拍摄跟后制才完成。《勇士》15日在北京举行首映会,导演马蒂斯霍恩(Matthias Hoene)、赵又廷、倪妮[微博]及吴镇宇都出席,赵又廷透露自己拍戏时摔断肋骨,高圆圆[微博]马上飞来探望,而且他还痛到不敢上大号。   赵又廷第一次跟卢贝松合作,起初他竟然让大导吃闭门羹,“接到邀约当然觉得很荣幸,看完剧本后也觉得故事挺有趣、很奇幻,只是觉得年龄层比较低,故事相对简单,觉得比较没那么有挑战性,所以就婉拒了。”结果卢贝松不放弃,甚至亲打电话邀约,成功说服赵又廷。   拍摄时有一幕赵又廷不慎被剑鞘插伤导致肋骨断裂,他痛到不行马上送医,休养时就连上厕所都让他痛苦不已,所以有时都选择憋住。而高圆圆一得知老公受伤,立刻飞到拍摄地桂林亲自照顾他,赵又廷也因此停止拍摄2周,对于耽误剧组感到愧疚。   这次是赵又廷首次以全英文演出,虽然他从小在加拿大长大,但头一次用英语演出挑战还是不小,“我觉得蛮新鲜的!也发现平常用英语交流聊天都还行,但真正要用英语表演,跟平常用中文说台词还是有很大的差别。加上剧中也是偏西式幽默,所以表演节奏、收放程度,也不同于华语电影。这次的表演基础来自于自己看过大量的好莱坞商业片,融会贯通进自己的表演中,倒没有特别以谁为范本,是挺过瘾的经验。”《勇士之门》18日在大陆上映,台湾时间未定。ETtoday 文   热点新闻:   长宁区委书记谈未来规划:深度转型 建设国际精品城区   黄浦老公安演习场上成网红:被戏称黄浦第一悍匪   上海部分地铁站潮汐式客流明显 乘客早高峰遭遇上车难   情趣用品商双十一战报公布:90后成消费主力   浦东地下赌场曝光一小时后遭取缔 涉案8人当场被抓   天气预报:   申城秋意渐浓 今日傍晚到夜里转阴有阵雨相关的主题文章: