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Home-Based-Business The ignition switch of an automobile serves many purposes. Its primary purpose is to supply electricity surge to the starter when the car starts. You can also control the power supply to different parts of the car with the help of it. This is beneficial because it prevents the cars battery from being run down by different parts. Ignition switch usually refers to two separate parts: the first is the lock cylinder where you insert the key to turn on it, and the second is an electronic switch connected to it. In many cars, they are combined into a single unit but in others, they work independently. For this reason, you need to be a little careful when you go to buy an ignition switch for your car to ensure that you are buying the right one. A car doesnt start unless its engine turns. Formally, a car was started by turning its engine with the help of a crank when there were no switches. The starter does this job by turning the flywheel of the engine. A flywheel is a flat, large disc having a large number of teeth on its outer edge. The gear of the starter connects to these teeth and turns the flywheel briefly and rapidly when powered. In this way, it sets the engine into operation. Normally, there are four positions on an ignition switch: off, on, start and accessories. In some cars, there are two positions: lock and off. One is to turn the car off and the second permits the key to be taken out of the ignition. In the accessories position, some accessories like radio, continue to get power from the battery while other that use more power like the window motor are turned off to prevent the battery being used unnecessarily. In accessories position, least power of battery is consumed, thats why it is recommended to set the switch to accessories while using the drive-in movie theaters. To turn on the car, the key is turned to on position. Here all systems of the car including the fuel pump start working. To bring the back to its original position after it is released, a spring is loaded in the ignition switch. This is necessary because the engine runs with a higher speed as compared to the starter, so when the engine runs at its own, the started gear should retract. Both the switch engine and the lock cylinder can go out of order, but each creates different circumstances. When the switch goes out of order, there may be problem with the plastic housing or the electrical wiring. In this case, the car doesnt start or turn on. On the other hand, when the starter fails, the function of the key will no longer remain operational. About the Author: Replacement of an ignition key can be challenging particularly if you own a new car as they are equipped with anti-theft systems. It is better to take services of some professional, otherwise you may create problem for yourself and the cost of replacement can go higher than you expect. Visit for more information. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: