51wan JX 2 version of a new version of PVE play list zibba

51wan "JX 2" version of "a new version of PVE is 51wan play list in August 24th," second days "JX 2 edition" delete files test, spokesman Vincent Chiao Wudang other posters exposure, users have seen the poster can be appealed to a kind of fun, not only that, micro-blog has also been forwarded Vincent Chiao himself: this year looks like this! It is going to 51wan in the "JX 2 edition" and "all about in the end of the game player ~ today 51wan" JX 2 "version of" pay the deleted file tests have been carried out on the third day. 2 "51wan" JX version "is a very competitive play a great game, but this does not mean that only the old child novice game player game player a novice game player can improve their strength by PVE. In this test, there are a lot of wonderful daily PVE play to join in, not only has a wealth of experience and props reward, but also filled with the fun of fighting itself. The chamber of secrets is a game player to division 60 after the opening of the daily activities. Players can enter the active area at any time, brush strange experience and very rare Luo Yundan, this props can increase the player’s attack. But the only entry activity every day for two hours, want to quickly upgrade the game player, don’t waste this opportunity for two hours a day. 51wan "JX 2" version of "the new version of the PVE 51wan play list" JX 2 "version" attaches great importance to social and cooperative game player, specifically added a unique to kill Curtis system. Night 7:30-8:30, game player can joint their gang members together defeated the pirates, get a lot of experience and reward advanced Dan practical props, the final blow and bonus. Please note that Oh, gang members killed in the Japanese attack more gang activity, reward the more. This activity tells the players that it is important to join a strong gang. 51wan "JX 2" version of "a new version of PVE also play a glance at 4:30-5:00, every afternoon, will open the guard Bianjing activities. This event is free without welfare, game player and gang members together, as long as the transfer into activity map to attack the boss guard’s guards after a successful system according to the contribution award to the game player. Similar to guard Bianjing is another daily task "Wulin demon", but the devil in the martial arts activities, game player may get other game player to attack open red, please Paladin must be careful! 51wan "JX 2" version of "the new version of the PVE play list in addition to above daily activities, 51wan" JX "Second Edition" there are many people all rewards the rich copy, these are good place for brush upgrade. 51wan "JX 2" version "has been opened in August 23rd paid delete files test, you still waiting? Visit, a key to open the pursuit of martial arts dream journey! More information and activities, please pay attention to the 2 version of the official website of "JX: more exciting game, as in (Editor: WB) sina.相关的主题文章: