43 of the reported gaosongzhuan company since August the average lift Tianquan market rose 17.28%-gigolos

43 of the reported gaosongzhuan company since August to lift the Tianquan market rose an average of 17.28% Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the opportunity: the crowd participating expert source: Evening News emergency Niugu 43 reported gaosongzhuan company lift Tianquan market Haitong Securities Research Report shows that from November to May of the following year, gaosongzhuan the combination most can outperform the index gaosongzhuan Tianquan market is a major highlight of the market this week, uomnilamp Huangshanghuang, etc. this week rose more than 30%. At the end of each year, the Shanghai and Shenzhen A shares will usher in the peak period of high transfer speculation, some stocks doubled. Stock index at 3000 points up and down when the shock, perhaps the layout of a large transfer of shares of a big opportunity, a large probability can be received by the end of the dividend". 43 of the reported high information company since August rose an average of 17.28% in the 3100 stock index volatility, gaosongzhuan has become a hot topic recently, uomnilamp, Huang, Jin Ke, and other entertainment VTR reported gaosongzhuan stocks started Tianquan market. Since August, paramount is Huangshanghuang shares rose 112.7%, three consecutive daily limit three days this week, VTR also rose more than 30%. Statistics show that this year’s report, a total of 43 companies launched a high transfer program, 10 of them to send more than 10 shares, 37 companies have already ex dividend, and hingsen technology, Gao Weida, red medicine, Rong Sheng AMD, Ruyi group, purple Xin Pharmaceutical and other 6 companies, will also be in this month the implementation after the ex dividend. High delivery company since the three quarter of the trend is stronger than the market. Since July, the stock index rose 5.5%, Shenzhen Component Index rose 2.47%, the gem fell 2.1%. But the 43 reported high delivery company, the average increase over the same period reached 15.6%. Since August, only hingsen technology, Tak television, Ming Jia, Lin Yang, bond technology combined with energy, ikang science and technology and other 6 companies, the share price fell, accounting for 13.95%. Among them, July 28th announced gaosongzhuan program uomnilamp, since August rose to 112.7%, becoming the three quarter super bull stock. In addition, Huangshanghuang rose to 77.8%, the entertainment, VTR gains were 75.8% and 67.3%. In addition, the number of entertainment, Jilin Tianrun chemical fiber, pagoda industrial, real smart, sunwoda, Gao Weida shares rose more than 20%. It is worth noting that the 43 high transfer company, the average increase since July of 15.6%, while the average increase since August 17.28%, that is to say, gaosongzhuan stocks broke out, most have taken place after the plan announced after August. Outstanding performance companies are being held for the long term fund also love nuggets gaosongzhuan not only money preference gaosongzhuan stocks, even the value of the investment fund, but also on the outstanding performance of the gaosongzhuan concept stocks jumped on. This year, the trend of the three shares of the original animal husbandry Quarterly Bulletin shows that net profit of $1 billion 760 million, an increase of 531.52%, basic earnings per share of $1.70. In early July of this year.相关的主题文章: