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38 year old mother enthusiastic for the public to become the country’s first female engineering diver Yang Saiqin diving training. Yang Saiqin’s diving certificate. Yang Saiqin training and classmates photo. Diving, in many people’s impression, a little romantic. But when it comes to diving and rescue or underwater operations, it’s a different scene. You don’t even know what you’re going to meet and what danger you’ll encounter. Such diving work, also known as engineering diving, in the country, there is no woman before entering this field. Until a few days ago, a woman from Wenzhou, Yueqing, changed the situation. She was 38 years old, made by Chinese diving salvage Industry Association awarded the "engineering Diving Air diver certificate", became the first female diver diving Chinese engineering history, and her purpose of doing so is to the front lines in the public rescue team. Wish 5 years ago to join the public service team to do logistics has been involved in the front line rescue her name is Yang Saiqin, Yueqing, Liushi, there is a stable job in the local. From the outside, she wore a long hair, is quiet. But many people say she has a female man’s character, fond of outdoor sports, hiking, biking, bungee jumping are her favorite. 5 years ago, Yang Saiqin began to engage in charitable relief activities, at that time, as a mother has over thirty years of age, the rescue team to let her do the logistics work. Answer calls, arrange rescue personnel and equipment statistics, is the main content of her 5 years of rescue work. "Sometimes, hit the rescue team is not enough, I also proposed to participate in together, but in most cases, or by the players declined." She said. As a member of the rescue center, she often received water out calls for help in the rescue process in complex waters, adds great difficulty to the rescue. This prompted her to learn the idea of diving, our rescue team has engineering diving certificate only 3 male players, if I can test out such a card, maybe later will be able to send me to." With this in mind, she began to learn scuba diving, and won the Australian PADI Diving Association issued open water diving certificate. But then she learned that, according to international practice, leisure diving can not be underwater operations. Out of love for the cause of public welfare on the water, she decided to challenge themselves, continue to study engineering diving. "At first, the family objected, and they said they had never heard of a woman under the water." She said, I have a lot of time to communicate with their families, let my children agree, and finally persuaded others." Pilot training and selection criteria be roughly the same Yang Saiqin put his idea to the East China Sea Rescue Bureau Ministry of transportation of Wenzhou base related to leadership, they know, very supportive. They said, maybe, since I started, there will be more and more women willing to participate in the work." Subsequently, she was recommended to the China Association of diving salvage industry, and into the Shanghai China Association of diving salvage industry training institutions to receive training for a period of three months. The project mainly provides services for professional diving underwater rescue, rescue, salvage, and other diving, diving technology, engineering skills and risk control ability of higher requirements for diving and underwater, and has.相关的主题文章: