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360 telecommunications fraud issued nine typical cases – Sohu technology in recent years, the telecommunications fraud continues to evolve, continued to upgrade, to the public property and personal security poses a great threat. During the -25 September 19th national network security week, telecommunications fraud has become a hot topic for all parties. In order to help the public better identify means of telecommunications fraud, China largest Internet security company 360 released the "2016 China Telecom" fraud analysis reports on the situation, the current telecommunications fraud do a comprehensive interpretation. In the report, 360 special summary nowadays nine typical Telecom fraud cases, including: posing as public security fraud, fraud, fraud posing as leaders posing as relatives, ticket refund, refund, change fraud fraud counterfeit fraud, the securities company Kazhe business fraud, refund fraud, postal fund accumulation regular transfer demand fraud. Figure 1: Telecommunications fraud a variety of means, make people impossible to guard against the case basically covers the most popular means of telecommunications fraud. As can be seen from these cases, today’s telecommunications fraud routines are no longer simple. This means criminals are set, will be the victim of a step by step into the trap, is impossible to guard against. In the report, the 360 not only introduces the case itself, also carried out according to the interpretation of the strong, and make professional tips to help the public understand the fraudsters cunning, avoid to be deceived, can be regarded as one of the professional fangpian guide strong "". 1, Ms. Wang posing public security fraud in Chongqing received a display number +2367821616 calls, tell her to have a single prosecution without treatment, 64868911 of the call request. The other said that this is the Public Security Bureau of Shanghai, Xuhui District phone, and to remind Ms. Wang can call 114 for inquiries. Ms. Wang then conducted a query, do have this phone number. But Ms. Wang did not dial the number directly, but soon received a phone call. Each other on the phone, said: Ms. Wang associated with drug trafficking case, there have been friends for Ms. wang. The other on the phone and provides a web site, Ms. Wang opened the site, see a title for "the People’s Republic of China Supreme People’s Procuratorate" website, and according to the instructions found in a case with their related materials and warrant. At this time, Ms. Wang has completely believed that the other side said. Thus, the other will be transferred to the phone to the police, police officer ke. Ke police officer asked Ms. Wang must have their own bank card money into an account, in order to serve as a notary public comparison, to prove the innocence of ms.. So, Ms. Wang to the ATM machine to the other side of the transfer of 16110 yuan. 360 expert tips: 1) do not easily believe that the phone call from a stranger, if someone said they suspected of a crime, should be the first to call 110 to ask, and not believe that the so-called Public Security Bureau police telephone or telephone. 2) public security organs are not by phone this too simple form to inform the parties suspected of crimes so great.相关的主题文章: