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2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala four venue with Guilin and Shanghai sanctions – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Zu Wei) 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala chicken is being prepared, the four Spring Festival yesterday, media exposure at the venue have been identified, including the Guilin, Shanghai, Harbin, Xichang four. As early as last year, CCTV Spring Festival evening in addition to the main venue of the CCTV, has set up Quanzhou, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Hulun Buir four branch field. This year the party will still follow the "National Party, the four corners of the world in the creation of tone, which will serve as the southern part of the Guilin in the evening, the general director of the venue for CCTV director Sun Bin, he was the director of the year of the monkey spring festival Quanzhou venue. According to the "West China Metropolis Daily" reported that Sichuan, Xichang has been identified as the western part of the venue. Sichuan, Liangshan, a cultural community broke the news, about half a month ago, CCTV Spring Festival Gala director team from Beijing to visit the exhibition site dedicated to the. Harbin also has action, although not officially announced the North has become part of the venue, but the Heilongjiang satellite TV has told part of the host and actor during the Spring Festival to stay on standby at any time to accept the task. The day before yesterday at the second language programs review, Jiang Kun, Dai Zhicheng, Wang Sheng, Miao Fu, Chen Yinquan, Hou Zhenpeng, Liu Liang, et al. A total of 5 pigeons group show debut. Among them, Jiang Kun’s comic called "escaped", about 30 years after Jiang Kun left "hukou" story, and with the relevant anti-corruption theme. In addition, many years to participate in the work of the Spring Festival Gala Li Sisi and Zhou Tao have announced dynamic, may not be able to appear in this year’s party. November 21st, Li Sisi admitted to pregnancy through micro-blog, confirmed that the side will quit the Spring Festival evening show host. Zhou Tao officially transferred to the Beijing performing arts group recently served as chief performance officer. Beijing performing arts group is the Beijing municipal government directly under the state owned large cultural flagship enterprises, established in May 2009, entrusted with creating a culture of state-owned backbone enterprises, the national culture play a leading role in the demonstration system reform important mission.相关的主题文章: