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2016 Summer variety: viewing the overall decline is not out of the explosion (Tong Xuran Wen Cheng Xing family planning Huang Xiaoli Yan Hengheng editor tab) a good time not only occupy students’ Party holiday easy "powder", and carrying advertising gold owners on the channel next year on the importance of confidence, it is self-evident to the TV variety of summer the. Every year, summer arts competition is fierce, internal TV had enough strength, will be fully N explosion or key project invested in this year, it is dark strokes continuously between TV, especially on the weekend three days, how in the variety under the condition of spy theme convergence difference "Wang", how to avoid precision Paibingbuzhen the program is homogeneous the positive impact of a good deal of trouble. 2016, the situation is more complex tv. Not only to catch up with the Olympic Games, people on the Olympic Games enthusiasm to some extent distract the attention of variety, since this year, SARFT issued a series N restrictions, increase the variety of market control efforts. In addition, the video site of the audience is more and more serious diversion. Multiple attack, the TV just handed over a pass, and is not as beautiful as a summer job. 2016 Summer variety show? Overall decline in the ratings did not burst models throughout the 2016 quarter of three (summer file) program is not difficult to find, this year’s TV debate can not be described as lively. Compared with last year about 27 show TV screen debut this year more than 30 variety in summer, among them, Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, East four TV have the priority among priorities of the weekend to increase the variety and quantity of gear density, take stack propagation, especially in the Saturday to Hunan TV, Sheng; Zhejiang TV, Dragon TV [micro-blog] have to take a stack of broadcast, causing the most crowded situation of history. However, the program is not equal to the effect (TV). Remember last summer, "the ultimate challenge", "the amazing race" and many other file athletic experience show emerging, diversified program design and unexpected big coffee line, joined the popular niche, fresh whole summer. Although there is no lack of fodder, but also screened "ultimate challenge" double harvest such ratings, reputation of the explosion of variety. In addition, China good voice 4, Daddy where to go, such as the full generation of N full stamina. Warmth of the wind, "Dad 3" word of mouth rise, mean breaking the ratings of 2 is also considerable; and "good voice" ratings more than break the number of several, even a record audience record of 5. See again this year. The program is ranked in the top ten of the top ten is far less than last year, dominate the Summer Star Program "has been China new song" got the average ratings of 3.217 grades, while the comparison with the schedule of other programs, has been brisk performance. But the contrast has been created in the average ratings of 4 viewing ratings myth, or less than the year. And compared to last year in addition to "good voice" and "seek hegemony", "Dad 3 pole" Pick 4 document program has exceeded 2% mark, this year the ratings top ten show, "new song", there is no ratings of over 2 explosion of new programs, with the show, last year "Union" to the Challenger average ratings of 1.897 only ranked eighth this year, "pick" the union 1.842.相关的主题文章: