2 year old child leg was hurt the steering patrol boats rushed to hospital rescue (Figure)-vy canis majoris

2 year old child leg was hurt the steering patrol boats rushed to hospital rescue (Figure) maritime law enforcement personnel promptly injured children in hospital in the maritime law enforcement officers boarded the enforcement process, encountered a wounded child in the water, traffic inconvenience situation, take the initiative to use sea patrol boats will child ashore for medical treatment for a time, for the treatment of. The reporter learned yesterday, things happen in the law enforcement team of law enforcement officers in Pai Ping Shan dam anchorage to conduct a special inspection of the ship safety. When law enforcement officers to check the "Ho 989" round, found a 2 year old child has been crying in the boat. Law enforcement officers immediately stop inspection work, the initiative to ask the relevant circumstances, the child mother replied: "the child is hurt right thigh morning rudder." Law enforcement officers after carefully inspected and found that the child has the right thigh was swollen with raisin, have a fever, crying symptoms, law enforcement officers immediately realized the seriousness of the problem, immediately send their children to the hospital, and the severity of the problem, "the child is in the development stage, so may cause serious damage sequelae". The child mother anxious face, cried and said: "in fact, want to send their children to the hospital, but because of the inconvenient traffic on water, I do not know where to turn, did not go, do not know patrol boats can send their children ashore for medical treatment?" Subsequently, Shipai law enforcement brigade law enforcement officers immediately made the decision to assist the mother of the child the child will be sent to the Shanghai patrol boats, from the left abutment nearest to the downtown, and stopped a taxi for it, told the driver will be sent to the Central Hospital of Gezhouba Dam recently. Before leaving, the mother of the child with tears in her eyes and on the expression of Shipai law enforcement brigade thanks. Scan code "Chu Yichang", to understand the latest information!

2岁幼童腿部被舵机夹伤 海巡艇急送医抢救(图)海事执法人员及时将受伤幼童送医海事执法人员在上船检查执法过程中,偶然碰到一受伤的孩子,在水上交通不便的情况下,主动用海巡艇将孩子送上岸就医,为救治争取了时间。记者昨日了解到,事情发生在石牌执法大队执法人员在平善坝锚地进行船舶安全专项检查过程中。当执法人员检查到“浩顺989”轮时,发现船上有一名2岁左右的小孩一直在哭闹。执法人员立即停止检查工作,主动上前询问相关情况,小孩母亲回答:“孩子右大腿上午被舵机夹伤。”执法人员经过仔细察看后发现,小孩右大腿已明显乌紫发肿,并伴有发烧以及哭闹不止的症状,执法人员立即意识到了问题的严重性,建议立即送孩子去医院,并说明了问题的严重性,“小孩正处于发育期,如此伤害可能造成严重的后遗症”。小孩母亲一脸焦急,哭着说:“其实也想送孩子去医院,可由于水上交通不便,又不知从何求助,就一直没去,不知道海巡艇能不能将孩子送上岸就医?”随后,石牌执法大队执法人员立即作出决定,协助孩子母亲将孩子抱上海巡艇,将其送到离市区最近的左坝头,并为其拦下一辆出租车,叮嘱司机将其送到最近的葛洲坝中心医院。临走前,孩子母亲眼含热泪再三表达对石牌执法大队的感谢。 扫码“大楚宜昌”,了解本地最新资讯!相关的主题文章: