2 billion Shanxi to build the first underground pipe gallery has been opened in Taiyuan-denka

2 billion Shanxi to build the first underground pipe gallery has taken PPP mode in Taiyuan open source of funds, has been in Taiyuan to start building Shanxi daily news (reporter Ding Yuan) September 22nd, reporters from the Taiyuan city urban and rural management committee was informed that the province’s first underground pipe gallery project – Taiyuan city Jin Yuandong comprehensive pipe gallery project officially started construction on the day before. It is estimated that the total investment of nearly 2 billion yuan, the source of funds to take PPP model, including the construction of self financing and bank loans. The urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery is a public tunnel used for laying underground pipelines in the city. In order to co-ordinate various municipal pipelines planning, construction and management, to solve the repeated excavation of the road, overhead line network intensive, pipeline accidents and unknown problems, in January 8th this year, approved by the Taiyuan municipal government, Jinyuan District became the city comprehensive pipe gallery construction demonstration area and the first open area. Jinyuan City, east of Taiyuan comprehensive pipe gallery project, including the ancient city avenue, experimental road, two road, by the way of the three, weft Road, 5 integrated pipe gallery, with a total length of 10.405 km. According to reports, after the completion of the tunnel, the two sides are a layer of partition, the line is clear at home. Tunnel in the middle of the channel for construction workers, and even traffic. Pipe gallery will also be reserved for the location of some of the pipeline, the future may be laying the cable to prepare. Comprehensive pipe gallery construction costs are very high, the design life of 100 years. By way of franchising, Taiyuan encourages and cultivates the market participants who have the strength, credibility and professionalism. It is reported that the Jinyuan East pipe gallery project at present by the Shanxi municipal construction company, the integrity of the twelve Bureau of China Railway Group Co. Ltd. and Guangde ocean railway construction investment center FOMTEC three party joint venture, the equity ratio was 40%, 18% and 42%.相关的主题文章: