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1800 pharmacies get electronic prescription"! Medicine division was a major breakthrough! Sohu health days ago from Chengdu city food and Drug Administration learned to crack the prescription drug sales and regulatory problems, at the same time to meet the people’s consumption demand, is the city of Chengdu to carry out a comprehensive retail chain pharmacy "electronic prescription" pilot. Currently, the city has opened consulting services more than 3000 pharmacies, the opening of electronic prescription pilot has more than 1800, these pharmacies are free to provide advice to the general public, electronic prescribing, audit and other services. "The strict prescription prescription drug sales provisions, consumers reflect consumers inconvenient, especially some common diseases and chronic diseases require long-term fixed, taking the same medicine patients reflect the more intense." Chengdu food and Drug Administration drug market supervision department director Huang Zhen said that the Chengdu pilot electronic prescription, is to find a solution between drug safety and convenience. Enterprise assessment in the basic trustworthy level above, no major violations of law. It is understood that participation in the pilot pharmacies in the city has qualified pharmaceutical retail chain stores and its affiliated enterprises, comply with the relevant requirements of Chengdu pharmaceutical enterprises credit evaluation standards, evaluation of enterprises "in the above basic level, and trustworthy" headquarters in the daily supervision of no major violations of the law. At the same time, according to the legal definition of Sichuan Province Planning Commission related documents give electronic prescription, food and Drug Administration requirements for electronic prescription pharmacy collection first comes from "legally qualified hospital", followed by "electronic prescribing legally qualified physicians, through the Internet means of information terminal equipment to the pharmacy, the pharmacy licensed pharmacist examination before sales. Municipal Food and Drug Administration real-time supervision. In order to control the risk, the electronic prescription is mainly limited to the upper respiratory tract infection, hypertension, diabetes and other common diseases and chronic diseases. Shall not be used for children, pregnant women, as well as emergency and other special groups of patients. Electronic prescriptions should comply with the relevant provisions of the Department of health, prescription electronic signature printed with doctors. Municipal Food and drug administration, the background of the terminal device can be regulated on the city’s electronic prescription business, can always monitor the issuance of electronic prescription, physician signature information. Prohibit medical institutions to limit the direction of prescription outflow. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued the "guiding opinions on the focus of the work of the division of labor plan" to promote the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry in the direction of limit again, prohibit prescription outflow of medical institutions, and medical institutions shall be in accordance with the requirements of generic drugs prescriptions, prescription main trends of patients, protect the patient’s right to choose medicine. Prescription outflow landing, will be able to gradually break our country to drug support medical system bottleneck. It is understood that for a long time, "medicine" phenomenon has been criticized, how to get rid of this problem has become the key to the implementation of China’s new medical reform, the state has been gradually clear, by prescription outflow to create conditions for the realization of the separation of medicine, it has become one of the basic ideas of medical reform earlier, formulate relevant supporting the policy was gradually put on the agenda. Earlier, the State Council issued the focus of health care reform in 2016, when it is clear相关的主题文章: