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13 years as one day, a 68 year old woman as "the most beautiful homes for the volunteers" (Figure) – Beijing, 68 year old Feng Xiaoyi (right three) and sunset social pension service center of old people together. The social pension service center in the western suburbs of Chengdu IT Industrial Park, more than 400 people here to enjoy the joy of life in old age. Recently, the reporter received a hotline Liu Popo, 73 year old Liu Popo is the center of family members, has been here for many years. The instrument of the dean’s care to make her grateful. "In Dean he was 70 years old, not much smaller than we are, but we have been taking care of, now retired, voluntary service for the work she has done for 13 years, so we want to promote the spirit of model." These years, from the year has become a strong bodied man, lucky instrument 68 year old said, "everyone will be old, treat the elderly, it is good to us, the old man today is our tomorrow." After retirement, she became a lucky instrument for volunteers is 68 years old this year, sunset social pension service center founder. 13 years ago, she rented Jinniu District Chun Feng Village land, founded the public pension institutions, and served as dean. Development planning from the service center to live support staff daily food and clothing, from the professional medical team training to the elderly daily life arrangement, lucky hand instrument to take care of everything in good order and well arranged. The medical staff here, for each of the elderly physical and mental health care workers are well known; here, can accurately tell the old man’s birthday, personality and hobbies; where the chefs will adjust their diet according to the old man’s food preferences and taboos. In 2015, 12 veterans in the Anti Japanese War of the center, service center for war veterans built villa, with fine, clever business nurse care. In September 3rd last year, the service center staff for the old people put on new clothes, put on a red ribbon, and organize their watch to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War parade, talked about their unforgettable experience of war. In late March this year, more than 90 year old war veteran Wang Chengyong accompanied by his family to travel to Hainan. Although the elderly thousands of miles away, but the staff has been concerned about the health of the elderly, told attention to the relevant matters. At the age of 68, she was going to do to the lucky instrument 80 68 years old could enjoy life, but she said, "my goal in life is to serve the elderly, I can do at the age of 80". With the advent of silver wave, the pension industry is known as "the crowd service industry", many experts on this huge market talk, on the pension industry eager investors. However, lucky instrument often said, the industry look lively, but difficult. If you tell her who is preparing to enter the pension industry, to advise whether the other instrument always lucky to know. She said that the pension industry is not a huge industry, the majority of nursing professionals have a piety complex, full of heart to the old love, win the elderly must use high-quality management and meticulous service. It is such a complex feeling of filial piety, Lucky Love elderly stay by static instrument相关的主题文章: