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101 year old grandmother to do a passport to see the world (Figure) Liu Chengxin, aged 101, happy to show just got the passport and Hong Kong and Macao pass. Liu Chengxin’s passport and passport. Original title: 101 year old grandmother passport to go to the world in August 26th, the Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau exit entry administration department for the elderly Liu Chengxin at the age of 101, the city successfully handled a passport and permit, and will run the documents to the 100 year old hands. At this point, Liu Chengxin became the oldest Wuxi immigration documents applicants, breaking the record for many years in Wuxi by a 94 year old. Recently, the old man’s family has been consulting its cruise registration matters. Ding Bo Liu Mengxuewen was taken to introduce our news 101 year old longevity is a good attitude and good temper, 54 year old daughter, a more than 50 people on the morning of 26, the Yangtze Evening News reporter went to Liu grandmother home, Liu grandmother was eating. Although already 101 years old, but the old man’s spirit is very good, in the best of spirits and reporters chatted a home. Passport and Hong Kong and Macao pass has been in the hands of the elderly, not willing to lay down, it seems to be immersed in excitement. The old man was dressed in a pair of sports shoes. She told reporters: "my son every morning to accompany me to go out for two hours in the afternoon to go out for about three or four hours, until the evening before returning." The old man Liu Chengxin gave birth to 10 children, the youngest daughter has been 54 years old this year, family members, great grandchildren are in school, calculate the family have more than and 50 people, really is the grandchildren. The old woman’s youngest daughter, Ms. Han told reporters that the mother’s body has been very good, almost never had a drug, did not go to the hospital. The police, the old man in the Immigration Department fingerprint, collected third fingers have passed, you know a lot of old people collected at least ten fingers are unlikely to succeed, the old man is well preserved. Reporters noted that the old man’s hair is not completely white, there are a lot of black hair clearly visible; teeth half did not fall, very good appetite. "I usually love to eat some corn, taro, yam love to eat, eat Braised pork in brown sauce and sesame Glutinous Rice Balls special love, and one can eat a lot of blocks. Usually one can eat a bowl of wonton soup and two dumplings." The old man told reporters that she has a hobby to eat, that is, no matter what you like to eat sugar, sugar with the food. The old man that have to eat, no appetite, she said she eat empty plain white rice, eat a few mouthfuls, mouth sweet, there is appetite. The neighbors know Liu grandmother love to sing, love to sing some songs, we all love to chat with grandma liu. When the reporter took pictures of the elderly, she was very happy to cooperate with, take a few more ah, give me a few." Children are said that the mother’s secret to longevity is: good temper, good attitude, and good people. "The world is so big, must have been to many domestic city look", this time she wanted to travel abroad three or four years ago, my mother can go out alone, you take the bus, go to the children’s home. And a stroll is a day. Now that she’s out there, she won’t let her go out alone for years!相关的主题文章: