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0-6 years old baby to see these books, so baby love reading! Sohu [picture] reading classic maternal attention, let the children love to read! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to the classic picture book reading, search (jingdianhuibenyuedu), attention! (author: Ma Ma Rui) alone personal micro signal: ruiruimm123 to facilitate the exchange of oh! A few days ago because someone counseling for 0-1 years old baby to see what books, recommend a few of the Swiss mother, are as follows: 1, the first "baby peek-a-boo book", this is a game book, suitable for 1 year old baby and infant parents preferred books, for 13 consecutive years ranked in the Amazon the first book is selling children’s games. 2, "jump", this is a simple picture, just one word "jump" fun animal shapes and jumping posture by the small child affection, suitable for 0-2 years. 3, "brown bear, brown bear, what do you see in this picture", the statement is simple, repetitive rhyme, it is suitable for small children age characteristics, suitable for 0-2 years. 4, "the very hungry caterpillar", one of the classic books, almost every children love the book on the other hand, suitable for 0-3 years. 5, "hug", almost no what text picture book, let the children feel the love of parents in the picture, suitable for 0-3 years. 6, "crackling" classic game series, infant picture books, the book, let the children learn from the game, bathing, brushing poopoo, greeting and other habits, entertaining, suitable for 0-3 years. 7, "baby" this set of books, very famous, a total of 15 copies, the statement is simple, including bathing, enuresis, children usually eat familiar scenes, suitable for 0-3 years. 8, "Holland classic" Miffy picture books, picture books, tells the story of Miffy to the beach, go to the zoo, birthday, sick and other daily life stories, the story is simple, warm, created a happy children’s image, suitable for 0-3 years. Today, on this basis, continue to recommend to you some of the classic books, extended to 6 years of age, I hope you choose a book to treasure dad Baoma who can help. 1, my dad (classic books, 1-3 2 years old), my mother (classic books, 1-3 3 years old), hungry snake (infant picture books, very interesting, 1-3 4 years old), David can not (naughty boy, aged 1-3 years), 5 (crocodile crocodile and the dentist dentist the dentist and mutual fear of each other, very interesting, 1-3 years old), 6 stooge (for home has two treasure family, this can buy 1-4, 7 years old), Betty and Huang (to teach children to distinguish colors, 1-4 8 years old), guess how much I love you (about mother love, compare, 1-3 at the age of 9, Fifi (angry) about a little girl angry, how to deal with this kind of mood, can buy a book, 2-4 years old)!相关的主题文章: