64150 thousand can buy the four wheel independent suspension joint venture SUV, on them! – Sohu car|150 thousand can buy the four wheel independent suspension joint venture SUV, on them! – Sohu car2

150 thousand can buy the four wheel independent suspension joint venture SUV, on them! Sohu automobile independent suspension will often hear people say "this car is equipped with independent suspension, multi kind" but why the independent suspension is honest? In fact, like the sauce is – 1, the advantages of light weight, reduce body shock and improve the wheel ground adhesion; 2, you can use a small soft spring stiffness, improve vehicle comfort; 3, can reduce the engine position, let the car center also reduced, so as to improve the the vehicle stability; 4, the left and right wheels are independent, the two do not affect each other, can reduce the body tilt and vibration. The shortcomings of it – the independent suspension structure is complex, so the cost is higher, and maintenance is complicated, in addition, the independent suspension will affect some car ride space. So the cost is high, and that the case if equipped with independent suspension is really very kind let the big coffee before and after several 150 thousand separate independent suspension SUV to you! Freedom is the biggest highlight of the stay Meng Meng +Jeep brand image combination, especially suitable for the pursuit of fashion young people. It opened up a European car feeling, but the 1.4T+7DCT powertrain matching degree is not high, the transmission speed and fuel consumption were abortive, comparative models at the same level is not low. Mazda CX-4 is Mazda heavy vehicle products do very well, not only other good-looking, interior texture is in place, driving also has the rare fun, open especially interesting, but the rear space design is too small, obviously does not meet the current needs of the Car Buying. Yeti since the listing, the market sales have been lukewarm, even after the reduction of positioning and price, there is not much improvement. In fact, from a single product, Yeti is a very real family car, especially space, large enough and high flexibility. As for why still sell, look at its shape and configuration will know. Compared to other models of Nissan Qashqai, giving people the feeling will be more features, space and not its strengths, but the power and control is the most satisfying part of the whole power system, the high degree of CVT rapid response, compared to the 1.2T models, 2.0L price will be higher. ASX Jin Hyun compared to the competitors, have no advantage in appearance, interior and configuration, look at the whole system are not ESP will know, however, driving on the texture is also good, the power and the gearbox will not have too much problem. In addition, if you do not renew the words, it is difficult to carry out PK.

72Warm – Home – pork dumplings] – Sohu|Warm – Home – pork dumplings] – Sohu4

Warm home. [] – Sohu pork and fennel stuffing dumplings to eat and drink from start to cook dumplings with pork and fennel, often wandering in my heart, heart, feeling only very very love home people can do it, and this name, home, home, warm love, mother together, in fact often see it in the supermarket, but the general feeling that does not belong to you can drive to the field, the thought of anise smell, it is doubt that it will not be good, but here the old man seldom used fennel seedlings to do stuffing, I have never eaten fresh fennel is what taste, so long, often in the supermarket fennel seedlings around, never even tried to think of. These days is very touching, while sunny rain, I go to my mother to see a grapefruit, grandma selling vegetables, seeing the rain came, and saw a bundle of fennel, pole looks somewhat old, bought some vegetables and fennel, hope she can go home earlier. Second days to buy Black Pork, and bought more than two bundles of fennel, the supermarket is still very tender. This done, suddenly found the feeling of making dumplings. Because have not done, looking for a butterfly sister’s book, also asked his sister to do, quite satisfied with the result. There’s no such thing as a fancy fennel. The greatest invention of the Chinese is the invention of dumplings, because it is too warm! Hot on the table, immediately feel at home! This hot dumplings fennel flavor, the taste is home! Because the tension between some, the side yard did not give a specific amount of process plan to shoot is not very full, but in order to let everybody understand practice, its extremely simple seasoning, cooking wine, oyster sauce thirteen incense what do not need, just need some salt, soy sauce soy sauce and sesame oil! [pork] fennel stuffing dumplings: Material: tender seedling, 3 small fennel pork nape (with fat) 1, shallot 5 trees, 4 slices of ginger, salt, soy sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil amount amount amount of the dumpling skin, appropriate practices: 1. Fennel seedling root cut, wash. 2. The pot of water to boil add salt and 1 small fennel seedlings blanch for a moment that the fish out, put in cold water. 3. Fennel seedlings remove into linen, save water. Then chop finely standby. 4. Chop the onion ginger at the end, the meat chopped into meat stuffing, meat stuffing add onion ginger, a small bowl of water in one direction of stirring, stirring until now, the water absorption of all meat, meat stuffing seems bright and full. Add fennel, soy sauce, soy sauce and salt at the end, the direction towards a stir, add sesame oil stir. Sesame oil can add some more delicious! The amount of water according to the absorption of meat to join, add too much stuffing will be very wet package (5). Pack into dumplings. 6. Pot boil water, under the dumplings, the water after the opening of a bowl of cold water, followed by water three times plus cold water, the last time you can sheng!